Globally, energy transition needs more and more experts that are highly educated
and motivated to tackle the challenge in the transition from fossil-powered into a
carbon-neutral world. The topical new energy issues are at the core of Turku UAS’
Energy and Environmental Engineering degree.

Semester starts

January 2025

Degree info

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • 3.5 academic years / 240 ECTS
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Location: Kupittaa Campus, Turku
  • Tuition fee: 11 500 € / year

Edunation application period

Rolling Admission:
• 27.05.2024 - 10.10.2024
Regular Admission:
• 11.07.2024 - 22.07.2024

The Energy and Environmental Engineering programme
(EaE) offers you versatile opportunities as a future
energy professional. The programme graduates have
wide and practically-oriented fundamental knowledge
and skills. The studies strengthen the student’s
capabilities to promote life-long learning, language,
and communication skills, and prepare for working in an
international environment.
After graduation, you can follow and contribute to the
development of your field. Typical positions for an EaE
engineer in Energy sector can be, for example:
• project manager
• project engineer
• project developer
• system designer
• power plant operator
• development engineer
• sales engineer
• purchase engineer

The studies concentrate on the energy sector. They
consist of basic and professional studies as well as
optional studies, practical training and a bachelor’s
Basic studies contain basics of general engineering issues
and natural sciences, language, and communication
courses, and coaching in study skills.
During the professional studies, the student will have
substance specific courses on energy engineering and
electrical engineering study fields. Most of the courses
are compulsory but there are also some optional studies
that can be selected based on the student’s own interest

The admission requirements for the program can be found on the university page.

Further information about the tuition fee and available scholarships for the program can be found on the university page.