Vocational colleges in Finland are highly valued. Education from vocational colleges offers lifelong teachings that assist students’ development as great contributors to society.

Institutions that offer vocational education serve young people, adults, and people who are already working but want to improve or change their skills.

Statistics Finland says that in 2021, 342,000 people who wanted a qualification chose vocational education. The rate is increasing as more and more students prefer to acquire special skills through vocational colleges.

Here are some of the great benefits of learning from a vocational college in the country

  • Small class sizes where students intensively learn
  • Individualized instructions based on developed planning
  • Teach essential and lifelong skills to students
  • Immediate employment upon finishing the program
  • Acquire compelling experiences through hands-on learning
  • One of the best returns on career investment
  • Students have the opportunity for paid apprenticeships and internships

The mission of vocational colleges

  • Assist in molding seamless and future-oriented learning for local and international students
  • Focus on providing practical hands-on training for specific careers
  • Close alignment with the needs of local industries
  • Enhance work-based learning that focuses on innovative pedagogy and individualized study paths

Agriculture and Forestry

  • Acquire the competencies required to work in forestry, agriculture, and other natural-related fields.

Business, Administration, and Law

  • Provide customer service, office work, trade, and administration qualifications.


  • Equips students with educational qualifications and teaches the skills needed in instruction, learning, and communication.

Health and Welfare

  • Provide competencies in health and welfare, dental technology, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Humanities and the Arts

  • Rewards competencies in the visual arts, design, information services, theater, the arts, and more.

Information and Communication Technologies

  • Provide competencies in information and communication technology for employment.

Natural sciences

  • Achieve qualifications for jobs related to the environment.

Service industries

  • Gain competencies in the fields of personal, security, and transport services.

Social sciences

  • Get qualifications in library services and information.


  • Acquire qualifications to work in architecture and construction; process, chemical, and materials engineering; mechanical process, energy, and electrical engineering; industrial supervision, technical planning, and product development.

Vocational colleges and universities of applied sciences in Finland effectively prepare students for their chosen professional path.  

While vocational colleges focus on training and acquiring practical skills, an academic degree from universities of applied sciences has a broader range of subjects.

Additionally, you can complete vocational education in a few months or up to two years. Some quickest programs include bookkeeping, professional truck driver, and physical therapy assistants.

On the other hand, universities of applied sciences can take up to two to four years to finish, depending on your preferred academic program.

  • Vocational Qualification in Social and Healthcare, Practical Nurse & Care, and Rehabilitation For Elderly People (top-up)
  • Vocational Qualification in Business
  • Vocational Qualification in Social and Healthcare, Practical Nurse & Care, and Rehabilitation For Elderly People (top-up)
  • SAIMAA Vocational College SAMPO
  • Vocational Qualification in Social and Healthcare, Practical Nurse
  • WinNova
  • Continuous Education in Social & Health Care and Cleaning (non-degree programs)
  • Educational Consortium OSAO
  1. Recruitment and prescreening of student applicants
  2. Admission interviews for qualified students
  3. Those who pass the interview will receive an acceptance letter and a tuition fee invoice
  4. After paying the tuition fee, the student will receive instructions about the permit application process, accommodations, etc.

Generally, the requirements for vocational colleges are the following:

  • Vocational qualifications in their preferred program
  • Employment Certificate/CV
  • Passport ID page or official ID with your nationality
  • Admission interview by Edunation
  • Proof that the student applicant is free from any criminal record
  • Must be able to study English and Finnish

For concerns, visit our Vocational Programs page. You may also book a free counseling session if you have questions.

According to published information from Finnwards, employment depends on a student’s level of education. In the last quarter of 2019, the employment rate with initial vocational competencies was 62.5%, while learners with further vocational qualifications were 76.7%. Finally, 86.6% of those who completed specialized vocational education received jobs immediately.

Regarding specific courses, 74% of students who finished vocational healthcare programs immediately got jobs. 60% of those who completed vocational education in service, technical, and business fields were employed.

On the other hand, the employment rates for learners with qualifications in humanities and ICT were 41% and 38%, respectively.

The tuition fee in vocational colleges in the country starts at 4,500 EUR per program. This amount is more reasonable compared to Australia and Canada. Also, the cost of living in Finland is more affordable than in the mentioned countries.

Furthermore, you may work 30 hours a week and earn eight to 12 EUR per hour courtesy of the updated law for international students. This privilege helps with your cost of living in Finland.

Studying at a vocational college in Finland is an excellent investment! Aside from learning new skills, you are guaranteed to acquire hands-on learning essentials in the ever-evolving work environment.

The competencies you gain are also updated, as you can have apprenticeships with various companies. It will help you adjust as you enter the workforce.

As Finland is currently in need of additional staffing, you are guaranteed to have a stable job with a satisfying income. Take this opportunity now and enroll in our vocational programs.

Aside from top-notch learning, you will enjoy the benefits of studying in the happiest country in the world!

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