Business College Helsinki is in the capital city of Finland. The study program in business is tailored for students like you, aiming to step into the workforce quickly and studies in Finland only 1 year! Gain a recognized qualification and start earning sooner! Upon graduation, you will have both academic training and professional experience to dive into working life in Finland. All this within 1,5 years: months with Pathway followed by 1 year at HBC.

Ready, Steady, Go:  In order to study at Business College Helsinki, you will you will first study online, in your home country, with the Pathway to Finland program for 4 months. The Pathway will prepare yourself for your upcoming studies that will take place on-site at Business College Helsinki. You will improve your English language skills, brush up your knowledge on maths and improve your expertise on intercultural communication and economics. Upon passing your courses within the Pathway to Finland program, you will progress directly to the vocational degree studies at your pre-selected institution, without any additional entrance examination. Read more about Pathway to Finland here.

Practical emphasize with Business College Helsinki: Dive straight into real-world business scenarios: the curriculum emphasizes on working life skills such as customer service and building a profitable operation. Students may also focus on marketing communications and content production or entrepreneurship.

What more?

  • Language Mastery: Improve your English daily and even get a grasp of the Finnish language. Effective communication is key in today’s globalized business world.
  • Soft Skills Development: Enhance your teamwork, problem-solving, and time management abilities. These skills are your secret weapons for success in the business arena.
  • Hands-On Experience: Experience learning by doing, teamwork, and exciting projects.
  • Good to know: Graduating from the program will allow you to seek employment in Finland in various fields, such as sales, office work, marketing and communications or international business. Some graduates may opt to start their own companies. This diploma, the Vocational Qualification in Business, is also recognized as an admission requirement for further studies at higher education level (university, UAS) for those that would wish to study more.

Semester starts

Fast Track Studies
• April 2024
Progression Intake
• August 2024
Pathway to Finland Program

Degree info

Fast Track Studies

  • Language of instruction: English
  • Online studies

Vocational Qualification in Business

  • 1 academic year
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Campus: Helsinki

Total Duration of Studies: 15 months
Program fee: 15 900 EUR

Edunation application period

Fast Track Studies
• Application Deadline: 24.03.2024
Pathway to Finland program
• Online studies: TBA
• Study hub in Finland: TBA

The scope of the Vocational Qualification in Business is 180 competence points (cp). The qualification is composed of vocational units (145 cp) and common units (35 cp).

The qualification includes three compulsory units, total 55 cp:

  • Customer service 20 cp
  • Profitable operation 20 cp
  • Acting in a work community 15 cp

Business College Helsinki optional units total 90 cp:

  • Marketing communications and content production 30 cp
  • Planning a business 15 cp
  • Working in an enterprise 15 cp
  • EBBD International studies 15 cp, (unit based on local competence requirements)
  • Logistics services 15 cp or Service Design 15 cp

The rest of the competence points (common units, 35cp) are composed of basic skills and know-how needed in working life, academic studies, and lifelong learning. These studies include, for example, Finnish language and Mathematics.

The admission requirements are:

  • High school diploma / Higher Secondary Education school certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field OR 2 years business diploma/associate degree
  • Transcript of records (with a minimum of 50% GPA is required when applying to Edunation programs)
  • Successful completion of Fast Track Studies
  • Copy of passport ID page

Students are pre-screened on a first-come, first-served basis.

The tuition fee for a 1-year vocational qualification in Business at Business College Helsinki is 11,800 EUR.

Please note that this is a tailor-made program, and thus may differ from the structure of the regular admissions track offered at HBC.

Business College Helsinki (HBC) is a vocational education provider located in the capital city Helsinki. The campus is in Pasila area of Helsinki, just a short commuter train ride away from city center. Business College Helsinki is the largest single vocational college in Finland specializing in Business and ICT and the third oldest business-oriented study institute in Finland, with around 2,800 students and 900 staff members. HBC specializes in Business and ICT and has a long tradition in providing top-notch education.


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