Check out some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Pathway to Vocational Program: Helsinki Business College, along with some answers to help you understand how the program works! If your question is not answered here, please contact us at

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  • Will I be automatically accepted to HBC after I have completed the Pathway to Finland program?

    Yes, you will receive the acceptance letter by the end of the Pathway program, however, it is conditional while the institution checks the submitted original school certificates and other required documents. During this period, you can start applying for residence permit and housing accommodation.

  • Will there be scholarships or early-bird discounts if I choose to progress to HBC?

    Early-bird discounts and scholarships are not available as of now.


  • What is included in the HBC’s tuition fee?

    The tuition fee includes academic teaching and use of the college facilities. Laptops and licenses to programs are NOT included, neither accommodation, transportation, residence permit or other such costs.

  • Can the HBC’s program fee be paid in installments?

    No. The program fee must always be paid in full.


  • Do I need to join any interviews during my Pathway studies? Or will there be an interview during the application process?

    There will be no admission interview upon joining Pathway studies. All Pathway students will undergo Pathway focus interviews, regardless of what progression they will choose.

  • When will I receive the offer letter from the institution?

    You will receive the offer letter either towards the end of the Pathway program (second period) or after completion of the Pathway program. The exact release date of the acceptance letters will be shared at a future time.

  • What is the required English Language Proficiency level?

    The required English Language Proficiency level is IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.

  • Can I still avail the student discounts offered on campus?

    No, you cannot avail student discounts because of two reasons. First, according to the Finnish law for group education programs, students from group education programs are not entitled for any student benefit. Since HBC is a group education program, students who will choose HBC as progression is not eligible to have student’s discounts. Second, as this is a one-year vocational level qualification, you will get a temporary residence permit type B and will not be considered permanent residents in Finland. In addition, you will not receive a municipality of residence, and are not eligible or entitled to use public services, such as public health care or public early childhood services, etc.


  • Will HBC help me with internships or on-the-job training?

    Yes, HBC have networks to assist students with their internships or on-the-job trainings.

  • Will I be receiving an allowance/salary during the on-the-job training?

    This depends on the employer but regardless of which educational institution you came from, the allowance/salary during on-the-job trainings are not guaranteed.

  • What is the duration of the on-the-job training?

    The duration of on-the-job training is roughly around 4-5 months but it will be confirmed at a future time.


  • What is the difference between Pathway to Vocational program and Pathway to UAS?

    It is the same with Pathway to Finland program, only the Progression course is different.

  • What are the benefits of the Pathway to Vocational program?

    The duration of the program at HBC is only one-year following the Pathway, making it a quicker route to working life and a much lesser total cost in terms of program fees compared to 3–4-year in a university.

  • What kind of qualifications will I receive after my HBC studies?

    Upon successfully completing the program in HBC, you will receive a vocational qualification in Business.

  • What type of work can I apply for in Finland with this qualification?

    It enables you to become a key member in a business team and navigate various business operations successfully. This includes having opportunities in the field of customer service, marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship.

  • Will Edunation or HBC help me in finding a job after studies?

    No. Edunation does not help Pathway students going to a UAS program, or direct entry regular admission students, or vocational students to find a job after their studies. This is the individual responsibility of each adult to find a job in Finland if they wish to stay.