Sasky provides vocational education, which offers students the most relevant skills and expertise needed in the local communities and organizations.

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Sasky group organizes, upholds, and develops vocational education in several different locations in the Pirkanmaa and Satakunta regions. Sasky group includes 9 different vocational education institutes.

Sasky works closely with the working life to ensure quality education. Their aim is to give students relevant skills that are needed in the local communities and organizations.

At Sasky, everybody’s views and opinions are appreciated; their approach is very customer-orientated. They are committed to their value of transparency; an open atmosphere is understood to promote the well-being of their staff members as well as increase productivity.

SASKY is a vocational education provider having multiple campuses around Tampere region. It runs two general upper secondary schools, a civic institute, and a music institute where students can get general education. Sasky has recently grown to include classrooms for apprenticeships, work policies, and prisoners. Over 7,400 students and 520 staff are enrolled.

Sasky group includes 9 different vocational education institutes such as:

  • the business institute in Ikaalinen,
  • the home economics and social work institute in Karku, and
  • the service industry institute in Tampere.

In order to help students become responsible adults, SASKY’s goal is to support their professional and lifelong learning.

For regional competitiveness and well-being, Sasky’s training is constantly updated to meet labor market needs. Sasky coordinates digitization and sustainable development projects with our owner municipalities in constant dialogue.

Sasky involves companies in the development of their learning environments and work closely with the workplace to anticipate future training needs to supply a skilled workforce.


Sasky Vocational College



Admission criteria

  1. Edunation recruits and pre-screen students.
  2. Edunation holds admission interviews for qualified students as soon as possible, withine one week.
  3. Edunation sends students who passed the interview to Edusampo for the final interview.
  4. For students that pass the interview, Edunation will share acceptance letter and tuition fee invoice.
  5. After receiving the tuition fee payments for Edusampo students, they will receive the RP instruction and Finnish Language course online instuctions etc.

Tuition Fees & Scholarship

Tuition Fees