XAMK is one of the largest higher education provider located in South-Eastern Finland. XAMK has four modern campuses located in Kymenlaakso end Southern Savonia regions in Finland. Campuses are conveniently located in the town centre or nearby.

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South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) is a higher education institution that specializes in responsible well-being, technology, and creative industries.

They educate and train professionals for future demands and advocate for entrepreneurship, global initiatives, and innovative solutions to enhance the corporate environment.

Currently, XAMK has a workforce of more than 900 professionals. XAMK has more than 11,500 students and provides more than 440 bachelor’s degree programs and over 30 master’s degree programs. If you are looking for an Open University of Applied Sciences in Finland, your best option will be Xamk Pulse. Xamk Pulse is open to individuals of all ages and levels of education. It provides the most extensive range of open UAS courses in Finland and numerous other options for further education.

XAMK’s Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) endeavors are crucial for their regional and social impact. Its main areas of interest include the Digital Economy, Sustainable well-being, Logistics and Seafaring, as well as Forest, the Environment and Energy. They provide their specialized knowledge to companies and communities through collaboration, including research and development activities, hands-on training, projects, and theses. XAMK’s 11 research units generate interdisciplinary specialist knowledge and offer product development, measurement, and analysis services.

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19.08.2024 – 16.05.2025

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1 academic year (60ECTS)
full-time studies on campus

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SAVONLINNA is in the Southern-Eastern Finland. Savonlinna attracts lots of tourists who want to visit and enjoy the beauty of the extraordinary town built in the middle of many lakes and islands. The area is also known for historical buildings and events. People can enjoy the cafes and stores as well as the events organized in the area, the biggest being the world-known Opera Festivals.

Savonlinna is located close to many national parks, making it an ideal environment for nature lovers.


XAMK has 11,000 students and staff members. It offers a great variety of programs on four campuses and works in close cooperation with companies and the public sector. XAMK has great study facilities and offers a wide range of student services. Student unions organize fun activities for students on and outside of campus.


Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Service Business

The Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Service Business is a one-year diploma program for applicants with a bachelor’s degree in tourism, food, hospitality, business, or other relevant degree who wish to pursue further training in the field of tourism at XAMK.

This diploma is a stand-alone qualification, a non-degree program.

  • Program Timeline

    XAMK reserves the right to end the application period earlier if the study seats are filled before the application period ends. If the group is filled in the previous interview round, the following interview rounds will be canceled, and the application period will end.

Admission criteria

  • Edunation recruits and pre-screen students. Edunation forwards the suitable applicants to XAMK via an online application form.
  • XAMK organizes an admission interview (online).
  • XAMK holds admission interviews a maximum of three times during the application period.
  • If, the group is filled in the previous interview round the following interview rounds will be canceled and the application period will end.
  • All the accepted students will receive an acceptance letter from XAMK. After acceptance, XAMK will send the program fee invoice to the students.
  • The payment due date is 21 days after receiving the invoice. After receiving the program fee payments for XAMK, students will receive instructions for the RP, Finnish language course etc.
  • Program Timeline

    XAMK reserves the right to end the application period earlier if the study seats are filled before the application period ends.

    If the group is filled in the previous interview round, the following interview rounds will be canceled, and the application period will end.

  • Rules and Regulations

    • Abide by the regulations and statutes of the Host Institution.
    • Study according to program principles and comply with the established attendance rules. Do not be absent from class. The school has no obligation to help you catch up. You cannot be absent during the study term/semester (for example, travel back home when you have holidays).
    • Absence will lead to losing your study rights.
    • If you are absent, you must inform the teacher about it.
    • Pursue studies according to the program curriculum and the established schedules. Follow all aspects of academic ethics. Any violation of the principles, particularly cheating and plagiarism, is considered misbehavior and will be processed according to the regulations and policies of the Host Institution.
    • Diligently and to the best of your ability, aim to complete the program – remember, there is a study limit of 1 year in this tailored group education program.
    • You need to remain a student and have a residence permit for your studies to remain enrolled.
    • The institution is a professional place. You cannot bring your children with you to class. You are responsible for ensuring they have daycare or school when your studies start. You cannot be absent from your studies.

Tuition Fees & Scholarship

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