The vocational programs in Finland will undoubtedly benefit your professional development and lifelong learning. After completing the program, you will be equipped with the best knowledge and exceptional skills and will guarantee employment in Finland!

Vocational training and education is an opportunity to study in Finland, allowing students to continue their education. In fact, in Finland, almost half of the learners who finish primary education pursue vocational programs instead of general upper-secondary education.

Vocational Programs aim to:

  • Maintain and increase the population of workers with excellent vocational skills.
  • Support the need of various industries in Finland for skilled employees.
  • Build commerce and drive for the nation’s growth.

Industries where vocational programs are valued:

  • Business and Administration
  • Health and Welfare
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

Benefits of Vocational Programs

1. Constant learning is the basis of vocational programs.  

Students in vocational programs in Finland are guaranteed to have solid vocational skills and competence. As tasks and responsibilities evolve, continuous learning from vocational programs helps learners match the need of their future employers.

2. It is an excellent choice for your professional growth. 

Finland puts high regard on students taking up vocational programs. The learnings are not limited to technical skills but are for all sectors

Additionally, vocational programs are integral to the country’s education system. It aims to equally lead in guaranteed employment and studies in tertiary or advanced vocational programs.

3. The principles of vocational programs are competence and flexibility

Vocational programs in Finland’s qualifications encourage flexible and efficient entry into the labor market, occupational development, and career changes. Vocational programs and qualification development incorporates lifelong learning skills, adaptive fulfillment, and working life needs.

4. Competence is learned and established at work.

Learning occurs in flexible, guided, and goal-oriented studying environments focusing on fundamental job tasks.

Educational institutions, workplaces, workshops, and school worksites reinforce each other. The education provider is responsible for the education, but the student will also have a workplace instructor.

5. Shared responsibility and trust are the foundation of vocational programs in Finland. 

Trust and shared responsibility underpins Finland’s system. Vocational program providers are essential for implementing vocational learning and assuring training and qualification quality.

6. Vocational programs have the best teachers and instructors

Vocational programs teachers and instructors are efficient experts. Their work context includes the institution and working life. Teachers, enterprise, and institution leaders negotiate what pupils must learn and how to measure it.

Practical Nurse Top-Up Program

  • Vocational Qualification in Social and Healthcare, Practical Nurse, & Care and Rehabilitation for Elderly People (Top-Up)

Duration of the program: Finnish language training online plus one year in Finland

Tuition fee: 9,500 EUR per academic year

Vocational Qualification in Business

  • Learn essential skills for customer service, sales, and marketing communications in an international setting.

Duration of the program: 2 years professional training course

Tuition Fee: 9,500 EUR per academic year

Practical Nurse Top-Up Program

  • Vocational qualifications in Social and Health care, Practical Nursing, Care and Rehabilitation for Elderly People (Top-Up)

Duration of program: 2 months of Finnish language online training plus one year in Finland

Tuition Fee: 11,000 EUR in one academic year

Vocational Qualification in Business

Duration of program: 1 academic year

Tuition Fee: 11,800€

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How to apply?

Applying is easy! Simply fill out the online application. Gather and submit the required documents. Wait for further instructions that we will send to your email.