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Established in 2017, Edunation is a company that aims to completely change the education scene in Finland. We help students from around the world to apply to Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences. Edunation offers applicants high quality customer service throughout the application process – we help them with the program requirements, documents and everything related to applying to a university in Finland. We also support the students with their residence permit applications and with all the practicalities that come up when moving to a new country.

For Edunation, students are our valued customers, and we genuinely want to help them to fulfil their dreams of studying and living in the happiest country in the world. We want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the top-quality Finnish education and lifestyle!

Edunation has a wide network of partner universities and universities of applied sciences in Finland. In close cooperation with these selected higher education institutions, Edunation’s focus is to make the application procedures easier and more efficient for both students and universities in Finland. We are the experts on international education, and we are able to provide that expertise to our partners both in Finland and abroad. Edunation is constantly promoting the world-renowned Finnish education and striving to make it the biggest export industry in Finland.

Edunation Vision

We are the biggest and most attractive organization for students who want to study in Finland. We are making education the biggest export industry in Finland and we have a significant role in increasing the number of international students in Finland to 150 000 by 2025. We are a respected actor in education field on a global level.

Edunation Mission

We give students the chance to reach their ambitions in Finland. We provide them with the easiest and smoothest application process to Finnish universities and help them stay and work in Finland after graduation.

Edunation Values

1. Reliability

We always aim to be there for our customers. By providing individual approach, we make sure to build strong and long-lasting relationships filled with trust and responsibility.

2. Co-operation

We believe in the effectiveness of teamwork. We encourage all of our stakeholders to work in close cooperation in a transparent, committed and honest way to create a greater impact on future education.

3. Customer focus

Our customers are the core of our operations. We make sure to provide a valuable, trustworthy and effective service to our customers for their best experience.

4. Determination

We are passionate about bringing a positive difference to the lives of people from around the world. We believe in our “can do attitude” and strive to spread it to everyone around us.

5. Learning

We believe that continuous learning is the key to professionalism. Along with our students, we strive to never stop learning and improving ourselves.

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