5 Reasons to Love Finland and Finnish Work Culture

As a digital nomad for years, I never encountered Finnish people and culture – not until last few weeks. What really surprised me the most was the flexibility that they impose on their employees. Being able to work and collaborate with diligence. What I am telling now aside from my happiness and gratitude at work is that – I am really glad to be part of the team and a great platform, being able to incorporate not only my skills but to merge with a very diverse working habit.



There are many characteristics of what it’s like working with Finnish. It has been quite an experience and understanding of a whole new country, its appeal, and grandeur. Aside from strong work ethic, there are things that really surprised me.


Work style and flat structure

Bosses respect their people and remain polite. Very democratic in decision making and charismatic in nature. I’ve worked with different cultures and dynamics but nothing beats the freedom of allowing yourself for creativity, making avenues for growth and improving every day.

Straightforward communication

The local language is not English but they like speaking their mind and they’re very appreciative and supportive of staffs and the like.

Work-life balance

Working long hours? Nope! Using your work hours more productively? Yes! Working smart? Absolutely! Amazing business culture, etiquette, manners, and protocol. These are the characteristics of a winner. I’ve encountered many working styles but nothing compares to Finnish culture. What really amazes me? They are always ready for challenges where they have to solve it independently showing professional behavior.


Innovation and employee satisfaction

 They treat everyone with the same respect no matter what. They balance being prudent yet innovative. It reminded me that ideas are highly valued, that you are capable of delivering good results while striking balance.

Initiative and high value

I have noticed and learned with Finnish working style, They like being on the improvement and changing process- creating effectivity, ideas, and innovation. Adapting to new changes. Being solid on what’s really important. Able to adapt to new circumstances.


Grateful to learn these amazing traits. (Still a work in progress!) I’m sure there are tons of ways to discover more about Finland and a lot of good reasons to fall in love with Finland and its culture.

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