Best Ways to Travel in Finland

When moving to a new country, you might struggle with the transportation while planning trips inside the country. It can be difficult to achieve a student-friendly budget if you don’t know where to find the best deals. To this post we’ve collected the best ways you can travel in Finland from one city to another and the cost of them.

By bus

Probably one of the best ways to travel in Finland is the bus. You can reach many places better by using a bus than for example, a train. Buses often offer student discounts which makes them not only convenient but also a cheap option. A few good bus companies that are affordable:

From Tampere to Helsinki

From Helsinki to Levi (a popular ski resort destination in the North)

  • Onnibus – around 30€
  • Express bus – 69 to 85€

Onnibus is a cheap option but Express bus offers a 50% discount for students which is why it’s also a good option to keep in mind when you travel in Finland.

Students skiing in Finland.

By train

A bit faster option to travel in Finland is the train. The train that functions in Finland is VR Group. For shorter trips train is a convenient choice and if you don’t mind doing transfers along the way you should consider it also for the longer distances.

From Tampere to Helsinki the cost for a student is between 7-15 euros. If you are planning on having a peaceful day in Helsinki, you might want to choose the cheaper R train that makes a few more stops than the faster InterCity train. From Helsinki to Levi the student price is around 75 euros and it does include at least one transfer along your way to the winter wonderland.

By plane

Flying within Finland is not very common but can be done. Especially if you are keen on travelling to Lapland, a plain is one option to be considered. It certainly is the fastest one! Travelling from Helsinki to Rovaniemi takes only an hour and 20 minutes. The cost during winter for youth (ages 16-25) is normally everything between 70-120 euros (one-way ticket). If you like cozy travelling, then plain is definitely your answer.

By car

Road trip! Renting a car might be more expensive but comes in handy because the distances in Finland can be quite long. Changing the location often is effortless and allows you and your friends to do a lot of sightseeing in a short amount of time.

If you would like to rent a car from Helsinki airport for a week the approximate cost is 150 euros plus gas. Also, it is good to know that a young driver might have to pay a bit more. If you would like to rent a car beforehand you should check out

Students going on a road trip in Finland during summer.
Road trip in Finland during summer, what an idea!

If you don’t have any plans yet for the upcoming winter break go and see our suggestions!

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