Story of Helena: From Brazil to Finland

Helena de Lino Correia, Project Prospection Manager at Forenom, Bachelor of Business Administration and Logistics, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

What are the most fascinating things you discover in Finland?

“How efficiently the system works!”

Brazilian student in Finland

What are the “Top 3 challenges” you’ve encountered during your stay abroad, and how it made you a better traveler and person?

Being homeless in my first winter in Finland.

“I decided to start a degree in Finland after my Finnish boyfriend ended his exchange program in Brazil. I was preparing to do a Masters in Germany, but he said: “why not Finland instead?”. So I changed my plans for Finland. Surprisingly, the first thing he told me when I landed at the airport was “this was a mistake”. For some reason he got terrified, I think because I was his first girlfriend and suddenly we were living together. For one year I tried to make our relationship work. I never felt more lonely, he avoided me every way he could. I went to Brazil to spend the Christmas-New Year´s holidays with my family, and after one month without getting a single text message from him, I finally gave up. I called him to break up but I wasn’t going to give up my degree so I asked some time to find a new house as soon as I got back to Finland. Three days before my flight from Rio to Finland he texted me that I had 24h to move out as soon as I landed in Helsinki. I tried to reach him but he wouldn’t reply. I couldn’t tell my family that I had no place to live, otherwise, they wouldn’t let me come back to Finland and my dream of studying in Europe would end right there. So I kept the secret for myself and I began fainting a few times. I told my parents it was the heat, but I was panicking about the fact that it was -30 degrees in Finland and 3 days I would be there without a home to live. I didn’t have many people who could help me at the time, I was new in Finland. But a Brazilian girl from the Finnish course that I barely knew offered me her apartment. She was moving in with her husband in the next month, so they agreed to anticipate it to help me. I am forever grateful to her for that.”

Second hardest moment in Finland was when I slipped on ice on my way to work and broke my arm in 4 parts in the elbow area. I nearly lost my arm movement completely. I would beg for help and a driver passing by just drove really slow staring at me and left. The woman driving behind him apologized for his behavior and offered me help. She called the hospital, but they couldn’t send an ambulance because that day there were too many slippery accidents and the ambulances were all busy. So the lady offered me a ride to the hospital. She was an angel. In the hospital, the doctors told me I would have to go through surgery, and for that, I would have to be transferred to another hospital. The idea terrified me, every movement was extremely painful. But I had no other option. They sent me to HUS, the best orthopedic hospital in the country. But for five days my surgery kept being postponed. They would put me through the pre-surgery fastening and then cancel the surgery because there were so many life and death cases that week that they had to be operated first. The hospital was crowded on that specific week because we have had an unexpected snowstorm and several people got injured. They tried to send me home to wait for the surgery there, because there was not enough room, but I had nobody to help me (groceries, shower, cook, drive, etc.) I feared if I would be out on the street I would fall again and worsen my situation. They understood my case and let me stay. I never felt so well cared for, the HUS staff was amazing. My friends came to see me at the hospital and my dad took a flight from Brazil to Helsinki and took me back with him to Rio after my surgery. I spent 3 months doing physiotherapy in Brazil. Coming back to my self-standing work, study and “being my housekeeper” life, alone in Finland was the toughest moment of my life. My body wasn’t ready to do all that and my mind got affected. I faced depression for the first time in my life. Those were my dark days, which lasted one year.”

Your most memorable experiences in Finland?

“Easy one!”

  • Meeting The President of Brazil and asking her some questions for my bachelor thesis;
  • Being the 2nd best at the entrance exam to Laurea University;
  • Being 2nd best at Logy´s national Logistics competition;
  • Logy Anniversary Conference where I was offered several job opportunities after discussing the future of Logistics with Amadou Diallou, the CEO of DHL on stage;
  • Being offered mentorship by the former president of Coca-Cola and Advisor of the UN/WTO Supply Chain program;
  • Wining the only scholarship offered by Metropolia to study in Hong Kong;
  • Dining with the Chief Ministry of Finance of Finland and his wife at their house;
  • Being a guest of Sami Hedberg and his former wife to his movie premiere;
  • Watching Barack Obama at Nordic Business Forum;
  • Getting free VIP tickets to watch Robert Kiyosaki (one of my favorite writers) at the Wealth Conference;
  • Interviewing Mörkö after Finland became the Ice Hockey world champion;
  • Singing “tina kengat tytöt” on karaoke at my company´s pikkujoulu;
  • Ice fishing in Kuopio;
  • Finally, spending the best weekend of my life in Finland in Levi with a bunch of famous people who I have no idea who they were.

What are your preparations before going abroad?

  • Save a lot of money!
  • Read all the procedures (about education, residence permit, relocation, housing, medical care);
  • Join Facebook groups to create a safety net.

How was your work life in Finland, and how did you manage and adjust?

“A roller coast. In the first year, I was focused on learning the job. In the second year, I was focused on excelling. In the third year, I began focusing on my relations and understanding the people, which was without a doubt the most difficult part. In the beginning, I felt excluded because of the language, but later I learned to appreciate it because I began learning the language just by sitting at work every day and hearing it on the background. Without realizing it I was learning Finnish. Not that I can speak it, but I understand it now.”

“Trying to make friends was the hardest part, it took me a few years to understand how Finns work and took them a while to get used to me, Brazilians are a little EXTRA. But I ended up staying another year and another year, and before I realized me and my workmates became friends and I feel happy to see their faces after a long holiday, Finland became home because of them.”

Foreign student confined in a hospital in Finland
Conference hall with a man and 2 ladies

What would be your advice to international students planning to work and study in Finland?

“It is not cold, it is you who is under-dressed”, that saying is true! Investing in good quality winter gear makes your life so much better. I recommend buying it from here because unless your country has -30 degrees winters, you can´t be prepared. If you are not staying for several years like me, I would recommend visiting a second-hand shop in Finland, there are plenty of them, they have good quality clothing, its cheap and ecological. And don’t forget the winter spikes for your shoes, so you don´t fall when it’s slippery.”

Lady on the field

How would you describe Finland to Brazil students and professionals planning to work in Finland soon, or has plans to study and work here in the future?

“Finland won´t be easy, it is cold, lonely, you don´t make friends easily, but it is where you will grow the most, you will learn about yourself, you will discover your strengths and if you are hard working, Finland will repay you with financial security, recognition, respect, equality, safety, and eventually, when you understand Finland you will make life-long friendships, you will begin to appreciate the four seasons of the year and you will fall in love with this country and your life here. Just be patient.

And the most important thing to make life in Finland enjoyable: seek the things that you love to do, there are plenty of free and cheap activities in Finland, summer hosts several festivals and traveling from here is super easy. Remember to celebrate the Finnish nature like a true Finn, get lost in Nuksio, rent a cottage, swim in a frozen lake, get naked in front of other people, burn a Makkara in the forest, and get drunk with your work colleagues. These will be your best memories here! Make the best out of your time in Finland.

Students in lakes during cold winter
Helena’s video project team, 2nd place in the National Finnish Competition.

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