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Located in the northern part of Finland, between two lakes the picturesque city of Kajaani offers a stunning location for students to earn their bachelor’s degree in the best country in the world! Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, KAMK is a gaming and tourism-oriented university established in 1992. For many years, KAMK has been at the forefront of game and simulator education and application development in Finland and Europe. The latest virtual reality hardware and software are all available on the KAMK campus. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences currently offers 3 unique bachelor’s degree programs fully in English.



“Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is the most student friendly higher education institution in a city which is student friendly. There’s easy access to almost everything, from shopping, university amenities and travelling. I would always recommend as the best University of Applied Sciences.”

Steve, student from Kenya


  • Surrounded by stunning Finnish nature
  • Inspiring high-quality education
  • Ideal for tourism studies
  • Forerunner in gaming and virtual reality
  • Unique degree programs
  • Studies combine theory and practice
  • Student accommodation on campus
  • Friendship universities and other partner institutions in more than 40 countries worldwide


KAMK has passed the Quality Audit by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, FINEEC. In 2011, it was the best university of applied sciences according to the yearly survey by Talouselämä magazine. Based on student feedback they have been among the top 5 universities of applied sciences in Finland several years in a row. Did you also know that Finland has the best education system in the world



Studies at KAMK are a practical work-oriented alternative to traditional university education. This is because the university provides students with an excellent combination of hands-on skills and a theoretical knowledge base.

Bachelor’s degrees

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

Number of credits: 210 ECTs


Bachelor of Sport Studies in Sports and Leisure Management 

Number of credits: 210 ECTs


Bachelor of Hospitality Management in Adventure Tourism

Number of credit: 210 ECTs


Apply NOW to KAMK


  • Copy of the final/official secondary school certificate or vocational qualification both in the original language and in English that provides eligibility for higher education studies in the awarding country
  • Transcript of records both in the original language and in English with an average or above-average GPA
  • Copy of passport ID page
  • Official ID card indicating the nationality
  • IELTS: 5.5, TOEFL: 46-520, or similar
  • 5-minute video that measures the applicant’s motivation and language skills
  • Motivation letter
  • Sport and Leisure Management: an additional video that includes a sports test. Instructions for the video will be given after we have received your application

Find more information on the application process.


  • 6,000€/academic year


A scholarship of 3 000€ is possible from the second year onward, given that the student meets the minimum requirement of 55 credits per academic year.



“The studies there were very international, all of my courses were taught in English and there were many language courses available. We also had an international staff, and the student services were very well organized to include the international students! The campus is in close biking distance to the city center, and there are also student housing options available right next to the campus.”

Melissa, student from the United States of America


The KAMK campus area is unique and well-integrated. Just a short walk away from the town center, the KAMK campus is the only one of its kind in Finland. You are able to find all services in one campus area including study facilities, sports facilities, restaurants and cafes, Student Health Center Vital and the library.


KAMK has concentrated on state-of-the-art equipment and study methods, as the campus undergoes a process of constant renewal and development. For example, you can opt to complete part of your studies as E-courses (virtual learning). Campus facilities include modern technologies, like data center and game design labs3D printersrobotics and smart gym where digitalized environment and games are utilized to boost the training.



A wide range of sports services is offered to students. Two sports halls, two gyms and a climbing wall on campus are for students use. So you can join for instructed group sessions, ball games, and individual training and exercising.

The campus guarantees that you will enjoy the comfort and ease of on-hand services while being close to the magic of the taiga and Kajaani’s fantastic outdoor sports and leisure areas!





Student accommodation is available in modern and neat apartments on campus. Each student is provided a private furnished room in a shared apartment. However, depending on personal preferences, unfurnished student accommodation is also available within a walking distance from campus. Otherwise, students can rent an apartment privately. The rent for the student accommodation on campus is 310€ per month. The rent includes water and electricity. The internet connection is paid separately.



The school prides itself on its internationality, which it utilizes in developing the region. KAMK is considered the most proactive university of applied sciences in Finland. It has friendship universities and other partner institutions in more than 40 countries worldwide. There are overall with about 2000 students are studying in KAMK Vimpelilaakso Campus area. So it is a melting pot of different countries and cultures.

As the university arranges a reception for incoming students on their arrival to Kajaani, students feel warmly welcomed to KAMK. The studies begin with a 4-day orientation program and team-building activities to make the beginning of studies as smooth as possible. The students of KAMK can complete part of their studies and practical training abroad. Students can act as tutors for foreign students or join study trips heading abroad.

Friend Family Program

KAMK runs a Friend Family Program, which offers international students the chance to get to know Finnish culture and language better. You will be paired with families from the Kainuu area to experience everyday Finnish life. As a result, students can better adapt to their new surroundings by connecting with a welcoming Finnish family.



Interested to find out more?

Read what studying in Finland is like, and check out our interviews with Hyejin Lee, a student from Korea and Coco, a student for China for their thoughts about studying and living in Finland!


Apply NOW to KAMK

Note: The information on tuition fees and scholarship is subject to changes. 

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