Guaranteed Job Program by Edunation

To make it easier for international students to find jobs and internships in Finland, Edunation is launching Guaranteed Job Program. The idea is simple: students who take part in this program will receive personal guidance and job-seeking services during their studies. Students who are actively involved in the program and fulfil certain requirements (see below), are guaranteed to find a job in Finland after graduation. If they do not find a job, Edunation will compensate the program costs in full.

The eligibility requirements for the Guaranteed Job Program:
  • You have applied to study in Finland through Edunation
  • You have been accepted to one of the study programs by Edunation’s partner universities
  • You have successfully applied for a student residence permit to Finland
Students are chosen to the Guaranteed Job Program based on the following criteria:
  • Earlier study merits (e.g. high school grades)
  • Personal motivation to work in Finland (motivation letter)
  • Earlier work experience, if applicable (e.g. for master’s degree students)

It is possible to apply to this program once your arrival to Finland has been confirmed, or when you have already arrived in Finland. The program will be launched in the autumn of 2019 for the first time ever. We will be informing prospective students about this opportunity soon, so stay tuned!


Professionals in demand

Finland’s labor market is facing a challenge since the size of the country’s working age population continue to decrease. At the same time, more people are retiring from the work force. Combining these two factors creates a labor shortage as more jobs are left vacant than there are workers to fill them. Immigration is the most effective way of increasing working age population in Finland, and many companies are already looking for skilled immigrants to hire. Having a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a Finnish university certainly increases your chances of landing a job in Finland. Employers greatly value candidates that have both study and part-time work experience from Finland.

Occupational Barometer of Finland lists the balance of different occupations (in 2018). These are some of the occupations where skilled professionals are urgently needed:


two working men with jobs looking at a pavement in a parking garage in Finland

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers are highly trained professionals who plan public works projects and supervise their implementation. Construction work includes projects such as buildings, highways, airports, bridges and dams. Much of the work is done in an office, but civil engineers also go to project sites to monitor construction.

Where to study:

HAMK – Bachelor of Engineering in Construction Engineering

Mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineers create technologies to meet human needs. They may design components, machines, systems or processes – everything from cars and satellites to the smallest components like sensors and switches. Anything that needs to be manufactured – indeed, anything with moving parts – needs the expertise of a mechanical engineer. Jobs are always in demand, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, biotechnology and energy industries.

Where to study:

HAMK – Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology

LUT – Master of Science in Technology, Sustainable Production in Mechanical Engineering

Electrical engineers

Electrical engineers design and develop new electrical systems, solve problems and test equipment. They may work on a diverse range of technologies, such as smart household appliances, lightning and lift control, robotics, telecommunications systems and electrical power stations, among others.

Where to study:

HAMK – Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Automation Engineering

LUT – Master of Science in Technology, Electrical Engineering

Software developers 

Software developers are in charge of the development process for a software program. They analyse users’ needs and requirements, design applications and ensure the programs are up-to-date and functional.

Where to study:

TUAS – Bachelor of Engineering in Information and Communications Technology

LUT – Master of Science, Sofware Engineering and Digital Transformation


girl with a job looking at a computer in office in Finland

Application programmers

Application programmers code, test and install programs, as well as prepare programs for other operations. They are responsible for designing and testing program logic, coding programs, program documentation and preparation of programs for computer operations.

Where to study:

HAMK – Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Applications

Metropolia – Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

Sales representatives

Sales representatives sell products or services of the company that they represent. They generally do B2B sales, so the customer is usually another company or industry. Sales are an integral part of all industries, so there are endless job opportunities on a variety of fields. Although there is no formal qualification for being a sales representative, employers usually prefer applicants with a degree in marketing, sales, or business.

Where to study:

SeAMK – Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

KAMK – Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

HAMK – Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business


For more information about our Guaranteed Job Program, feel free to contact us at Note that you must have applied through Edunation and been accepted to one of our partner universities in order to be eligible for the Guaranteed Job Program.

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