The Student Guide: How to Save Money when Traveling

Who doesn’t want to travel more, but don’t really have the money to make it all happen. So here are some tips on how to save money when traveling; all will help you get the most out of your next adventure.

1. Subscribe for newsletters and sign up for flight deals

You can narrow down your preferences to flights departing from certain countries, and they will notify you when a deal pops up.

2. Travel during off-season

Also known as “shoulder periods”. When kids go back to school in September, after New Year’s, and just after the Spring Break in April, airlines and hotels often provide discounts on flights and hotel rooms during these times.


3. Bring your own airport snacks

Especially during long flights, snacks are needed. Buying snacks at the airport is probably not the best thing to do when you’re trying to be on a budget. Food prices can even double there.


4. Don’t eat near tourist sights

Speaking of food, never eat near major tourist sights. Food there is double the price and not as good. Applications like OpenRice and Yelp! can help you out!


5. Eat where the locals eat

So avoid eating near tourist spots, and start eating where the locals eat. Follow the locals to the places where they eat, they know where to grab some tastier and cheaper food.

6. Ask locals what something should cost

You can even ask the hotel staff for the prices, just don’t overpay for things.


7. Use the public transport

Do as the locals do. Crappy and packed trains, tuk-tuks, mini vans, buses… you get the idea.



8. Use taxi apps

Sometimes you’re just too lazy or tired to use the public transport, in this case you can use applications like Uber and GrabTaxi to save you from overpriced taxi rides. However, GrabTaxi is only available in selected countries: Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


9. Never use third-party agencies

When traveling you should always arrange your own tickets or visa. Third-party agencies would charge you an additional fee, which makes it more expensive.


10. Go for last-minute trips

Avoid booking in advance. You can score major discounts with last-minute deals and more importantly, the more flexible your plans, the more fun you’ll have.


11. Take connecting flights instead

Connecting flights are cheaper than non-stops. Airlines know that non-stops are more popular than connecting flights; this is why non-stops are also more expensive.


12. Bring your student card

Many attractions have discounts for students. If you’re traveling remember to take your student card with you.


13. Try a private room instead of a hotel

Several websites allow locals to rent out their room or even just their sofa. Try visiting sites like Airbnb and Couchsurfing to save money when traveling.

Are you ready for your next travel destination? Read more on why you should visit Finland next summer. Are you planning to travel to Finland soon? Find out how to travel on a budget in Finland!

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