Internship in India – Promoting the Finnish higher education

The following post is by Edunation‘s marketing intern, Anita. She spent a month in India at Edunation’s branch office in New Delhi. Read on to hear what she has to say about her internship and experiences in India.

“Because of the Indian office, customer service for Indian students is significantly easier and smoother. The team consists of three Indian professionals who are convinced about the quality of the Finnish higher education and want to create awareness of Finland in India.”

As part of my internships with Edunation, I got a chance to complete one month at the 9.9 Edunation office in Delhi, India. Accepting the offer and deciding to spend four weeks in India, working and getting to know the Indian market, has been one of the best learning opportunities for me so far.

What is 9.9 Edunation India?

9.9 Edunation is a joint venture of Edunation Finland. The potential of the Indian market is huge and that is why 9.9 Edunation India was created – with a purpose of making the application process as easy as possible for Indian students and to be able assist the students locally. 9.9 Edunation India is part of the 9.9 Group, which is specialized mostly in technology and education.

The aim of 9.9 Edunation is to be the one-stop source for the students in getting information about Finland and Finnish universities. Because of the Indian office, customer service for Indian students is significantly easier and smoother. The team consists of three Indian professionals who are convinced about the quality of the Finnish higher education and want to create awareness about Finland in India.


Taj Mahal in India


The founder of 9.9 Group as well as 9.9 Edunation India is Kanak Ghosh, who I also worked very close with during my internship. Kanak was a brilliant host – I got to experience more of India that I could have ever imagined. I tried more than 30 different Indian dishes, met wonderful people and traveled to multiple cities around the country. I visited six cities in total: New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Aligarh, Gurgaon and Agra. Besides work, I also had some time for sightseeing. During our Mumbai trip, we visited the Gateway of India, and on my last week, I was able to travel to Agra to see the Taj Mahal!


My tasks in India

During the internship, my work included various interesting tasks from participating in educational fairs around India to sitting at the office and doing research. Among all, I got to participate in meetings, negotiations and create a Facebook campaign. We also visited many high schools and universities, where we met Indian students face-to-face and told them about Finland. Talking with students was without a doubt the most interesting part of my internship.


booth at an education fair about living and studying in Finland


What did I learn?

In India I learnt to adapt to the hectic working days – our schedule was very busy, and things sometimes changed in fast pace. I definitely learnt to work under pressure due to the long working hours and workload that sometimes had to be done in a short period of time. I also learnt a great deal about the education system in India and what Indian students are looking for from higher education.

The fairs we attended were IMFS Global EduFest in Mumbai and Pune, Shikshantar education fair in Gurgaon and AMU education fair in Aligarh. Students at the education fairs were very interested and positive about Finland. The main topics they wanted to know more about were the degree programs that we offer, scholarships, weather in Finland and job opportunities during and after graduation. The most popular fields that Indian students were looking for were definitely master’s degrees in computer science, engineering and business.

Indian students are extremely hard working and brilliant at technology. I am more convinced that Finland is one of the leading countries in technology in the world, it would have plenty to offer to Indian students.


monkeys climbing on a fence in India


Read more about 9.9 Edunation India

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