Internship in India – the biggest market in the World

During my internship at Edunation I worked at the national India office in Noida, right next to Delhi. The best takeaway of my stay there was that I got tons of new friends, valuable experiences of the Indian market and developing my personal skills.

My work was mainly divided into three areas. The biggest area was marketing Finland as a study destination and Edunation’s partner institutions around Finland. We visited so many places and met so many students, parents, education business professionals etc. that I even lost count of those meetings at some point. For example, we would go to the city of Chandigarh, setup a Finland-promotion table, and give potential students a better picture of Finland and why to go to study and work there.

The second area I was working with was designing new brochures, standees, logos, website layouts etc. I also launched a new Instagram page with a new brand and managed that account – this way I learned a lot about how social media works in a big market like India. The third area of work was compiling new data about Finland and building a network between Indians in Finland and the prospective students in India.

India is a very different country and market, so the working environment is also different from Finland. Everything works faster, and everyone has to kind of run to stay in the game in this highly competitive country. I found the speed of life and work in India very addicting, and on the other hand, exhausting. In the hectic world of India, I learned to prioritize my tasks better and to make the most out of the working hours. I also learned to adjust my own thoughts and marketing strategies to the target market, and I think that is a very valuable lesson.

What I loved the most about India is the way people welcome you to the country. I made some really good genuine connections with people over there. Once you know someone on a personal level, I think that is the point when the business benefits the most as well. I definitely took a lot of that warm-hearted attitude of Indians with me and the worriless attitude as well. India is totally a thing everyone should experience themselves!

If you want to have a real practical experience, India is the place to go to. I especially enjoyed working at Edunation’s partner company 9.9 Group. The working culture over there is something that develops you as a person and a worker, partly because of the learn-by-doing-attitude the company has. The internship in India is definitely not a holiday, but I think working in such a country teaches you a million things more than just visiting places as a tourist.

All in all, if you are looking for an international internship where you actually get to use your theoretical knowledge in practice, I can do nothing but recommend applying for the internship with Edunation and 9.9 Edunation India. And you better do it today – or even better, yesterday – believe me, this is a chance you don’t want to miss!

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