Modern Finnish Design

Finnish design is renowned internationally, and brands like Marimekko and Iittala can be found all over the world. However, there are many less well-known design houses in the country, too, as well as many promising talents. Let’s have a look!



Having roots deep in the traditions of carpentering in Jurva, Southern Ostrobothnia. There is saying in Finland: Wood is just modelling clay to Jurva craftsmen – and indeed it seems to be for the Hakola design house. The beautiful furniture is handmade, and the design is simple, pure, and timeless.


Hakola chair


R/H Studio

R/H is a clothing studio hailing from Helsinki. As one of the company’s ideas is to bring the fashion production closer, all the clothes and accessorises are made in the north, and the materials are sourced also from as close as possible. The designs combine Nordic minimalism with fascinating prints and feminine cuts, while keeping the clothes light and comfortable to wear.


RH studio dress
@R/H Studio



Makia was born in the old worker district in Helsinki. Even today, ships are being built there – and maybe this has partly been a source of inspiration for the designers of Makia. The clothing is made to endure rough weather and time, just what the sailors in the old days would have needed. The looks of Makia clothing are timeless, and the urban adventurers of the cities are often seen sporting the brand.


makia parka



Lundia is a Finnish family owned company, that puts lots of effort in making their production sustainable. Skilled artisans transform the Finnish wood to beautiful products, that oppose the consumerism and throwaway culture. The furniture is designed to withstand time. Lundia often collaborates with Finnish guest designers, and puts emphasis on locally sourced materials.


lundia shelf


Saana ja Olli

Saana ja Olli is a designer couple from Turku. Their first collaboration design was born in autumn 2008 at a summer cottage in Padasjoki, southern Finland, inspired by the surrounding forest and lakes. After the couple graduated in 2011, they have been working on their brand full time. They have won several design nominations, as well as held many exhibitions in Finland and abroad!


@Suvi Keräläinen, Saana ja Olli

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