Nilushi from Sri Lanka: Why I Moved to Finland

Nilushi is currently studying Bsc. Nursing in Kuopio city, Finland.

Why Finland?

I had a desire to become a nurse in a developed country. I started to find what is the easiest and most effective pathway. So when I compared to other popular international student destinations such as Tokyo, London or Paris, the cost of living is much lower in Finland and it seemed easy to apply and settle down. Then I researched more pieces of information about Finland. I heard that it is rated as “The safest country in the globe” according to the World Economic Forum. Furthermore, numerous surveys show that Finland has consistently ranked highly in quality of life, overall stability, and education. Ranked the second happiest country globally and also it is not just an excellent standard of living and a sterling education that the Finnish are proud of, the country has been rated the best in global innovation impact and greenness.                                                               

Finland is the world’s best country, I feel like I have won the lottery!       

What challenges did you encounter before and after arriving in Finland?

It was a challenge to move alone, more than thousands of miles far away with my 3 year old daughter. My husband had to stay in my home country for a few months as he had some of his business to manage. I was going to move to the country which has a different culture, language, food, lifestyle and weather. But I am really happy to say, we made the right choice. Finnish universities always provide excellent orientations from the moment we decide to study in Finland. They help us in every way, as much as they can. There are plenty of instructions and guidelines on their websites. Before arriving in Finland, I felt everything as challenges. But actually, there is nothing to be worried about once you’re already settled. Everything’s going well.

Academic freedom in Finland

I had been a student nurse in my home country. So I can easily compare my student life here and in my home country. I have a very light schedule here, No pressure. The teachers and the schedules are so flexible. Teachers are motivating students in a very friendly manner. Students can perform their studies with online learning platforms. Every student has their study plan. In brief, no pen and papers, there are no mandated standardized exams and short quizzes. No headaches.   

Finnish universities and off-campus activities

My school organizes excellent events to improve co-operation and friendship among students. We study together and participate in these kinds of events. In addition to my basic studies, I am studying different cultures. I love to know people, get to know them and make new friends. After school, we enjoy a lot by chatting, coffee evenings and weekend lunches as well as study-related group discussions.

Finland has consistently ranked highly in quality of life, overall stability, and education. Comparing to Australia and New Zealand, Finland is more affordable.

Study in Finland tips to prepare

It’s really easy to apply for a Finnish university as they are offering plenty of English medium degree programs. Especially, you can do the entrance exam by sitting in your room, comfortably. A student visa can be easily granted if you have a study place, sufficient fund, and source. The budget is so affordable when we are comparing with Australia, New Zealand and any other European country. The most important thing is, these universities offering scholarships, so the annual fee is affordable. Looking for work is a kind of challenge. But if you are trying with some job agencies, it’s possible to find a job.

Part-time work and Finnish student life

For a short period of time, I have to juggle studies and motherhood. Though it’s not easy I think I am doing good. I am studying full time and working 25 hrs. / week. I’m also working for Edunation as a student ambassador. These days, I am improving my Finnish language. However, I am enjoying my life with my school friends and neighbors. I love to cook Finnish food and study their culture and traditions too.

New life abroad and plans after studies  

I would like to continue my studies as far as I can and I want to work as a Nurse here in Finland.  My advice to foreign students who would like to settle in Finland: Research if this is the ideal country for you to study, consider all your career plans, resources and circumstances if this is the country for you to settle in. This is like a lottery, try to win it.

Nilushi is one of our Student Ambassador and actively promoting Finnish education to her colleagues in Sri Lanka and around the globe.

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