Pakistani Student in Finland: Living Abroad Enriched My Life

“I feel more independent, thoughtful and expressive here in Finland.” – Nadeem Patras Pakistan, Hospitality Management Graduate, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Why Finland?

In the year 2005, I planned to go abroad for the purpose of studies. The main purpose was to get international experience and also find future opportunities. Therefore, I started a search and I came to know about Finland. The most driving force behind applying to study in Finland was because it offered high-quality education and therefore, I decided this is the place where I want to be.

pakistani student kneeling in a grassy field with sunset in the background in Finland

Most memorable experience during your study abroad?

I studied in the field of Hospitality Management and my major was Tourism. I have experienced all kinds of winter activities in Finland. The most exciting was downhill skiing  and it was awesome! I will never forget that experience! Finnish nature in summer and winter has its own magnificent qualities which are beyond explanation and something I will cherish always.

How did you handle being away from home and family?

It was difficult in the first year because I hardly knew anyone in Tampere, but slowly I made friends in the church. Also when I got my first part-time job, things became normal and then I kept myself busy with friends. Study time kept me busy too and work. It provided a routine and really helped me not to miss my family that much.

How to overcome or lessen homesickness?

Making good connections and close friends, participating in the local events and joining some local youth groups and activities. Networking is the key, No one can beat that experience.

How did living abroad enrich your life?

The life abroad is more practical, you get to learn so much from your daily life experiences which you cannot learn from any books. I feel more independent, thoughtful and expressive as compared to when I was in my home country.

Handy tips for first time travelers?

Anyone traveling for the first time should always get the information about the country they will be traveling to. That information can be about the local language, currency, culture, weather and transportation system. Because, if you know something about Finland and the basics, I guess you can manage to start your life here.

If you plan to move here in Finland, do not pack any extra luggage of warm clothes from your home country, because nowadays in Finland, you can find good quality stuff with a very reasonable price and you can shop according to your budget and the season. Also, one must consider the cold weather, so winter clothes is a must.

pakistani student standing in front of snowy trees in winter in Finland

How do you balance student life, home life and working part-time?

For me, time management and focus are very important if you want a balance between studies, work and home life.

How studying abroad changed your perspective?

It’s hard to say what is easy and what is difficult but courses offered and the teaching method abroad is more practical and simple, which can make you understand things more easily.

international students sitting next to santa claus and posing for a picture in Rovaniemi, Finland

If you got inspired by Nadeem’s story and if you want to live and study in Finland, kick start your future and check out our Finnish partner universities!

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