Popular travel destinations in Finland

Situated in a superb location between two countries, Russia to the east and Sweden to the west, Finland is one of the countries whose landscape and attractions are now evoking great interest among nature lovers and travelers. From its beautiful seaside capital city Helsinki to its charming old towns like Porvoo, Finland has something to offer for anyone who likes to travel and explore new places. Below are listed the top seven tourist spots in Finland which will satisfy your thirst for adventure and leave you wowed by this beatiful country.


Lapland in the northern finland



Nothing screams Finland like Lapland. It is the ultimate winter wonderland. With only 3% of Finland’s population living in Lapland, it is the best place to seek refuge whenever you need a break from the crowded cities. It has several attractions such as Rovaniemi, a town which is known as the hometown of Santa Claus; the aurora borealis or the northern lights; husky safaris and many more.

Even with its small population, Lapland covers about 30% of Finland and serves as a perfect romantic getaway for you and your loved one. To make the trip even more romantic, you can go during summer and experience the famous midnight sun during which areas above the Arctic Circle enjoy 24 hours of sunlight for about 70 days. There are direct flights to Lapland if you are coming from Sweden, Russia or the UK. But if you are coming to Finland from other places, then you will first make a stop in Helsinki and take a connecting flight to Lapland.


nationa park in Finland, europe


Koli National Park

Discovered way back in the 19th century by painters, Koli National Park offers one of Finland’s best natural scenes. Overlooking the Lake Pielinen, Koli Park will leave you telling stories for years to come thanks to its breath-taking natural beauty. The fact that it overlooks the lake makes your view even better, and there is an endless list of things to do, from hiking, camping and during winter you can enjoy skiing. Hence, you can visit Koli National Park round the year because it is as gorgeous both during summer and winter.


Olympic stadion in Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki Olympic stadium

Dating back to 1938, the Helsinki Olympic stadium is an amazing tourist spot to stop by whenever you are in Helsinki. It is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world and is often hosting international concerts and sporting events. Besides that, there are plenty of exhibits from the early 90s which will help you understand how it came to be and the way it has grown and embraced the use of technology – this will for sure leave you amazed. It is located in the outskirts of Helsinki about two kilometers away in the district of Töölö.


Olavinlinna castle in Finland, Europe



Each town in Finland has something which makes your trip worth it and Savonlinna being the oldest town in the eastern region of the country is no exception. With its unique and vintage architectural design combined with its perfect location by the shores of the largest lake in Finland, Savonlinna will definitely leave you breathless. It is known for the Olavinlinna castle which hosts the famous Savonlinna Opera Festival and for the many cruise ships which take you across the lake Saimaa.

Small boutiques, cafés, hospitable people, and cozy restaurants are just but a few words with which to describe Savonlinna. Getting to the town is easy as you have the option to travel by road, air or train. We advocate traveling by road or train because then you get to see the beautiful landscape from Helsinki all the way to Savonlinna. It is situated 335 kilometers away from Helsinki and takes four hours by train and about an hour by air.


Baltic sea and the coast of Finland, Europe


Turku Archipelago

Turku is a Finnish city well known for its more than 20,000 islands which form an archipelago, and all the island have something unique to offer. For instance, you can visit the Archipelago national park which was established three decades ago in 1983. Each of the islands boasts a different and unique cultural experience ranging from Finnish to Russian and Swedish. Moving around is easy thanks to the developed infrastructure, and you have the opportunity to wake up to the cool breeze and the gentle sound of the waves.

There are a varietyof water activities to indulge in from kayaking, motor boating, and fishing to sightseeing. If you’ve recently tied the knot, Turku offers an ideal place for you and your significant other to bond. You can visit it any time of the year and it is located near the mouth of the Aura River. It is the third biggest city in Finland and is easily accessible via road.


Villa mairea - sightseeing in Finland, europe


Villa Mairea

Located 15 kilometers away from Noormarkku and in the Satakunta region of Western Finland, Villa Mairea is a must-see spot for those who have an eye for art. It dates back to 1939 and was built by the famous Alvar Aalto who was one of Finland’s most renowned architects for the wealthy Gullichsen family. It boasts a great collection of art pieces which have even gained world recognition. Today it makes a great guesthouse and rural retreat for couples seeking to kick back and relax. It is easy to get there by air and then travel the rest of the journey by car as you explore Noormarkku’s landscape. Also, the best time to go to Villa Mairea is during summer so you can also enjoy exploring the surrounding environment.




Also known as the National Museum, Kansallismuseo offers you an opportunity to explore and learn about the history of Finland beginning from the prehistoric era to how it has grown to what we see today. It boasts an ancient architectural structure which gives the whole experience a nostalgic feel. There are numerous archeological discoveries and a collection of ethnological and historic antiques which help you understand Finland’s history better. Additionally, there are plenty of activities to engage in for both adults and children such as the workshop Vintti which is specifically meant for kids hence it is an ideal place to go with the whole family. It is located in the central part of Helsinki in Mannerheimintie and thus you can easily get there. It is always open to the public except on Sundays and you can visit it anytime of the year.


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