Spend an unforgettable summer in Finland

If business is your passion and you know that you have a killer business idea in mind but not sure how to implement it, studying at HELBUS Summer School is the best way to spend your summer! Okay, okay let’s face it, spending your summer studying might not sound that tempting but just wait, we guarantee that after reading this post you will be ready to apply to spend your summer in Helsinki.


Helsinki Finland Europe

Academic program

During your summer at Helsinki School of Business, you will participate in academic courses in two subjects: Entrepreneurship and English. The classes will be delivered in four lessons per day starting at 10am and ending at 2pm each day, five days a week, leaving you also with many possibilities to enjoy your free time exploring Helsinki and Finland!


The course introduces you to the basics of entrepreneurship from identifying a business opportunity to writing a business plan. The course is equivalent to 4 ECTS.

Course Structure
  • How to identify a business opportunity
  • How to evaluate the viability of an opportunity
  • How to identify potential obstacles
  • How to create operational plans
  • Writing a business plan
Business Communications in English

The course focuses on essential English communication and pitching skills and terminology for start-ups and other businesses. The course is equivalent to 4 ECTS.


Students who successfully pass the courses will be awarded a certificate.


July 16th – August 12th, 2018


The price for the summer school is 4.900 € including VAT. Meals and accommodation are not included.


Activities in Helsinki

In addition to lectures there will be a variety of activities* that you can participate in! Even though Helsinki is a great place to visit around the year, summer is probably the best time to experience the buzzing capital city of Finland!

*Additional fees may apply.


Visits to established corporations and start-ups

Finland is the home of many world-class brands and innovations such as well-known mobile games, Kone elevators, Fazer Chocolate, Marimekko Design and Moomin Characters. The program includes visits to several Finnish corporations and start-ups. The tour to Fazer will be conducted under the guidance of a Fazer Guide. The exhibition introduces Fazer’s activities, long history, stories, a wide range of products, corporate responsibility and innovations.

In addition to the show tour, you will have a chance to compare the tastes of different types of chocolate.


Helsinki Finland
Visit the World Heritage site, Suomenlinna

Founded in 1748, the sea fortress of Suomenlinna is one of Finland’s most popular attractions with about one million visitors annually. Honestly, nothing beats spending a sunny summer day at Suomenlinna! Gather your friends, bring food and refreshing drinks with you and go spend your day at the UNESCO’s World Heritage site swimming and exploring the island!


Suomenlinna in Helsinki Finland

Linnanmäki amusement park

On the top of your bucket list for summer should be a visit to Linnanmäki, the most popular amusement park in Finland. Linnanmäki has over forty different rides and there are also plenty of other attractions, such as arcades, kiosks, restaurants, the Peacock Theater and the only Sea Life Center in the Nordic Sea region, Sea Life Helsinki. The Amusement Park has over one million visitors a year.


Linnanmäki Helsinki Finland

Allas sea pool

Allas Sea Pool is a gardenlike oasis in the heart of Helsinki. The steamy hot water pool, the ice-cold seawater pool and the hot saunas offer the perfect setting for afternoon or weekend relaxation.


Allas Sea Pool Helsinki Finland

Sauna, obviously

If you truly want to experience Finnish culture, the first thing you need to experience is sauna! Luckily, Helsinki offers plenty of places to visit public saunas. Warning: visiting a sauna may cause a desire to stay in Finland forever but would that be such a bad thing after all?

Löyly is one of the several public saunas in Helsinki and is not only a fantastic place to go for a sauna, but the building itself represents innovative Finnish architecture that you should definitely go and see!


Sauna in Helsinki Finland Europe


Summer events in Helsinki

The capital city is filled with events all summer and here are our TOP 3 summer events in Helsinki!

Flow Festival 10. – 12.8.2018

“The Nordic countries’ coolest music festival” -Vogue (US)

The urban music festival Flow had its first festival already in 2004 and since then the festival has grown to be one of the most significant music festivals in Northern Europe. This year Flow’s lineup includes the Finnish superstar Alma, Artic Monkeys and Kendrick Lamar and more.


Flow festival in Helsinki Finland Europe

Did you know that several festivals in Finland are run by volunteers? Read our interview with Hyejin Lee who volunteered at one of Finland’s biggest festivals, Pori Jazz Festival.


Helsinki Twilight Run & Walk

Because of the midnight sun, the nights are extremely bright during summer times, so why not participate in a sporting event that also works closely with the charity organization Save the Children? From the participation fee 20% will be donated to Save the Children.

Run or walk the track at Hietaniemi beach in the beautiful twilight and enjoy the uniqueness of Finnish summer evenings.


Summer sunset in Finland


Nigh of the Arts

Night of the Arts transforms Helsinki into a stage for hundreds of cultural events, performances and surprises. In 2018, this arts carnival for all will be celebrated for the 30th time. During the Night of the Arts several museums, galleries, bookshops, theaters will be open all trough the night.


Night of the Arts Helsinki Finland


If you don’t already love Helsinki as much as we do, check out this video by Honest Guide for the most amazing experiences in Helsinki below!



So, what are you waiting for? Apply today to spend an unforgettable summer in Helsinki!

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HELBUS also offers bachelor’s and master’s degree studies in business!

Find out more about bachelor’s degree in Business

Find out more about master’s degree in Business

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