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At Edunation, we are always interested in developing new partnerships with representative abroad who share our passion for high-quality education and life-long learning. Not only are we your one-stop solution to universities in Finland, but we also provide you the training and support you need, to be the best possible guide for each student with whom you work. Whether your agency is small or large, we would love to hear from you.

Our partner representatives play an important role in the student’s path. Representatives present the best study options for students by marketing Finnish higher education in the country they are situated in. Our representatives give advice on the application process and recruit students to our partner universities in different locations from student fairs to their country offices.

Why Finland?

Finland has been at the top in the global education surveys for years, and our universities are in the top 4% of world’s university rankings. Finland has the ideal environment for international students to lead a student life and to raise a family in, ranking highest in the availability, costs, and quality of childcare and education. Finland is the most socially progressive country, having a safe environment and stable economy. Every year our clean nature attracts more people to enjoy the beautiful archipelago, Midnight Sun, snow and Northern lights. We are also one of the best countries in the world at speaking English as a second language. Tuition fees were recently introduced; however, they are comparatively low, on average only 8000 USD for bachelor’s and 11 000 USD for master’s per year.


At Edunation, we aim to help international students find their way to the world-renowned Finnish higher education institutions by revolutionizing the way students are recruited. Our goal is to have 150 000 international students in Finland. Traditionally, a vast majority of the student mobility has been to English speaking countries; however, a notable shift is happening, and other countries are becoming increasingly interesting for students. The political situation in the US and UK is also making international students consider new options.

Several influential profiles in Finland, such as Risto Siilasmaa, the chairman of Nokia, is supporting our cause. Additionally, Peter Vesterbacka, founder of the fastest grown consumer brand on the planet, Angry Birds, as well as one of the leading artificial intelligence experts, Harri Ketamo, are both advisors to Edunation.

If you would like to work with us as a partner agent or agency, we’d love to hear from you. Becoming our representative is quick and easy, simply contact us at

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