Why Choose Finland?

Did you know that Finland has the best higher education in Europe and second best in the whole world? This isn’t surprising when you consider Finland has the best university-industry research collaboration, the best availability of scientists and engineers in the world, and third highest number of professionals working in research and development.

Edunation offers you the opportunity to make your dreams of higher education and study in Finland come true. Finland is a modern, highly educated country with a thirst for knowledge and research. Just look at the Nobel Prizes Finland has received in fields such as literature, chemistry, medicine, economics and even peace, and you’ll understand the scope of Finnish educational excellence.

Finland is located in the heart of Eurasia, bridging Europe with Asia, one of the fastest developing regions. The direct flight from Delhi to Helsinki takes less than 7 hours.

When most people think of Finland, they think about snow, Nokia, Santa Claus and clean air and water. However, Finland has so much more to offer like its friendly people, excellent education system and high standard of living, all making it a dream destination for international students. Finland is a country of opportunities. There are many reasons why international students choose to study in Finland:

Best Higher Education in Europe and Second Best in the World

Finland has a profound history of academic excellence despite its small population, and the Finnish education system has been ranked the best in the world many times over. Several Finnish universities are ranked by the Academic Ranking of the World Universities and Times Higher Education as being among the world’s best. Finnish universities belong to the top 3% of the universities in the world.

Globally Recognized Skills

Employers and universities all over the world recognize degrees from Finland. Graduates from universities in Finland are successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide.

Finnish universities encourage open dialogues and collaborations between students and teachers, in an effort to make the experience of learning better. Finnish universities are known for working closely with industries, and universities are focused on helping students learn skills required for their future career. Specifically, to bridge theory with practice, and applying knowledge, while fostering creativity and encouraging students to come up with alternative solutions.

Living Expenses

Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Finland than they are in other popular study abroad destinations such as the US, UK, and Australia. However, the living standard in Finland is among the highest in the world. There are range of scholarships available which can help to lower the cost of studying in Finland.

Work Opportunities

International students in Finland are allowed to work up to 25 hours per week during the academic semester. However, during the long summer and winter holidays, international students can take on full-time jobs, allowing them to earn money, gain work experience, and widen their professional network. After graduation, students can apply to extend their residence permit for up to a year while looking for a job.

Equal and Safe Environment

The Finnish society is known for its equality and safety. In 2017, Finland was ranked the safest country in the world, and the most stable country in the world. Together with equality, these are some of the fundamental principles of the Finnish society, and people are treated equally no matter of the sex, age, race, or religion. Finland was ranked the third most gender equal country in the world, and the second-best country in the world to be a girl in.

Student Services

 As an international student in Finland, you’ll enjoy more benefits than anywhere else in the world. Many universities in Finland offer extensive health services to their students, they have restaurants with subsidized prices, as well as subsidized accommodation. Additionally, many universities in Finland have gyms with discounts for students and with a student card you can enjoy discounted student fares on public transport as well as long-distance transport.

Clean Technology in Focus

Finland is home to some of the world’s leading universities in terms of sustainable technologies and are designed to address global environmental challenges. Finland is ranked as the greenest country in the world and the world’s second most innovative clean-technology country, with over 4000 cleantech companies.

Everyone Speaks English

Finland is one of the top countries in the world for non-native English speakers which is one of the reasons why many international students come to Finland for their studies. In other words, students don’t need to speak Finnish or Swedish to study in Finland.

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