FAQ about COVID-19

In this page we have collected the most frequently asked questions about the affect of COVID-19 (coronavirus) to Edunation’s applicants. If you don’t find a specific question, you can always contact us! Please also read Edunation’s official statement regarding COVID-19.

Application process

I’ve applied to a University but have not had a decision on my application yet. Are they still considering applications?

Yes, Edunation’s partner universities are accepting applications as to the initial application deadlines. The student selection might take a few weeks. Sometimes it might take a few weeks to get the invitation to the online exam or interview.

Are you still accepting new applications for the Fall Semester 2020/2021?

Yes, we are accepting new applications to all programs that have application period still open.

Due to the current situation, will the application deadlines be extended?

Most universities will have application deadlines as previously announced. If any application deadlines are being extended, we will notify our applicants and partners about it.

What should I do if I can’t sit my exam or my exam results are delayed by coronavirus?

You can apply to Finnish universities with a temporary certificate or academic transcripts. You can submit your final certificate later. In many universities, the initial deadline for submitting the final certificate is 15 July 2020. Some universities are accepting even later submissions. If your graduation is even further delayed, please contact Edunation for further instructions.

The institution that I am applying to requires a language certificate. However, because of Corona I have not been able to book an English language test. What can I do?

Some universities can make exceptions on language certificates and verify your English language skills in alternative ways, e.g. online interviews. Please contact Edunation in such circumstances, as the exceptions are made case by case.

Residence permit

I’ve received an offer from the university but am worried about getting my residence permit in time. What should I do?

Despite the temporary closure of Finnish embassies and VFS centres, we advise you to start preparing for your residence permit as soon as you get the study offer from the university. You can register in EnterFinland.fi online portal, fill out the residence permit application and prepare for the needed documents. This is also a good time to prepare your financial matters, e.g. apply for a study loan from a bank, if it is possible in your country, By doing all this in advance, your chances of getting the residence permit on time are higher, since your application will be processed after the closures end.

How can I proceed with my residence permit since the embassy in my country is closed?

Despite the closure of embassies, you can still submit your application in EnterFinland.fi. Your application will be accepted for processing once you have identified yourself at the Embassy or VFC Centre. Book a time for identification immediately when the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has announced that the exceptional arrangements are no longer in effect.

Starting your studies

I am due to start my studies in September 2020; will the start of term be delayed?

As of now, universities are prepared to start the autumn 2020 study term as initially planned. However, at the moment nobody knows just how long the exceptional circumstances continue. If the coronavirus epidemic continues in Finland over the summer, it is possible the start of study terms at universities are also delayed. We will keep all applicants updated as we get more information.

I am concerned that I’ll miss the start of semester. Can I start late?

Most universities are prepared for students arriving late, and they accept late arrivals or postponing the start of studies to January 2021 or August 2021. In many programs, it is also possible to start studies in autumn 2020 as online courses. Universities will notify each accepted applicant with detailed information about their online courses and how to enrol to them.

If I enrol, pay fees and cannot commence my studies in September 2020, am I eligible for a refund?

If you don’t get a residence permit for your studies, you are entitled to a full refund of your tuition fees. However, delayed arrival does not automatically give you a right to a refund, unless you decide to cancel your study place and residence permit application. If the university offers you the chance to start your studies online in your home country, we advise you to do so. You can then arrive to Finland when you get your residence permit, even if your arrival is delayed from September 2020.


Is Finland a safe country regarding Corona?

At the moment, no country in the world is completely safe regarding the coronavirus. However, Finland is one of the most stable countries in the world, and our health care system is well equipped to handle a crisis like the corona epidemic. All people who reside in Finland are entitled to the public health care. Anyone with severe symptoms will get appropriate treatment.

The Finnish government has taken serious measures to combat the virus from spreading uncontrollably. The measures have been taken at an early stage of the epidemic, but time will show how effective those measures are.

I was informed that orientation will start in August 2020, should I already book my flight tickets?

At the moment, travel restrictions are in place around the world, including Finland. Finland has temporarily prohibited travel from abroad, with the exception of returning Finnish citizens. Most international flights have been cancelled until further notice. We advise students to follow the instructions of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and only book their flights after it has been stated safe again to travel.

Will the deadline for applying for accommodation change?

There is usually no deadlines for applying for accommodation in Finland. Students can apply for accommodation around the year. We advise you to apply for accommodation after it is safe to travel again and when you are able to confirm your travel dates.

Can I delay paying my tuition fee due to Corona?

Most universities are able to offer flexible payment schedules in time of the corona crisis. When you receive the tuition fee invoice, and are unable to pay by the given deadline, please contact either the university admissions or Edunation admissions, depending on which one have sent you the tuition fee invoice.

I still have questions who should I contact?

You can contact Edunation by email at admissions@edunation.co or by phone or whatsapp at +358 50 354 8603 for any questions about admissions, residence permits or start of your studies. Edunation team works from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 4 PM (GMT +2).

For other questions that are not related to COVID-19, please refer to our general FAQ page.

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