You can start from enquiring about accommodation possibilities from your university or university of applied sciences (UAS) in Finland directly, or from the student housing foundation in the area you will be studying. Through these established foundations, the rents are often remarkably less than the market prices, and the accommodation is located within a convenient distance from the campus.

  • Student housing

    For all students in Finland, the accommodation is usually organised through the regional student housing foundations. Sometimes the housing can be also arranged through local student clubs or faculty organisations, or in some university towns, through the student unions themselves. The student housing organisers are listed on the SOA (Finnish Student Housing Ltd.) website at

    In the beginning of a term, especially in the fall, there are many students looking for accommodation, and the queues for housing are long. Hence, it is recommended that you start the application process for student housing as early as possible. Usually you can start this when you receive the letter of acceptance. You can enquire more information from the international office of your Finnish university/UAS.


    Types of housing

    Shared apartment: Usually shared by 2-4 students, this is a good choice for single students. Each resident has his/her own lockable bedroom, while kitchen and bathroom are shared. Basic furniture in the bedrooms is often included.

    Studio apartment: The number of studio apartments is limited and since this is a popular option, there is usually a waiting list.

    Group apartment: This option is great when a group of friends want to rent an entire apartment together. Similar to a shared apartment, but you get to freely choose your flat mates.

    Family apartment: These apartments are intended for couples and families with children and may be located in quieter neighbourhoods. They usually have 2-3 rooms and a kitchen or kitchenette.


    The residential buildings often have facilities such as saunas and laundry rooms for students to use. The student apartments are a safe option, as the landlord is a reliable student housing organisation.



    The rents vary remarkably between different locations and different types of accommodation. Most affordable housing option is usually a room in a shared student flat. Single and family apartments commonly have a higher rate of rent than shared apartments. The monthly rent usually includes utilities such as water, electricity, and internet. You can find detailed information on monthly rent rates from the student housing foundations directly.


    You can refer to your Finnish university/UAS for more information and advice, or read more from the website of Infopankki. Internationally operating student housing sites like for example offer good advice as well.



  • Private sector housing

    Apartments and rooms in the private market are available both furnished and unfurnished, and for a short-time fixed term, as well as for a continuous contract. Read the advertisements carefully to make sure what is included in the rent. You might need to buy home insurance and pay for utilities separately. Private sector often has a wider selection of housing, but the rent is usually higher, too.

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