Conditions for applying through Edunation

The applicant must be at least 16 years of age have a command of the English language that is sufficient for following lectures given in English.

Depending on the host university, tests of English language, standardized tests or other documents are required. Information about the required documents can be found under each university on Edunation’s website.

The programs on Edunation’s website are primarily intended for those who have completed secondary education. The applicant must have the educational qualifications required for admission into academic-level studies.

Applications will be processed in order of arrival. The application period for any given program will close as indicated in the respective program description. As a general rule study places shall be distributed in the order in which completed applications were received.

The role of Edunation

Edunation arranges and promotes the application for study programs at selected Finnish institutions of higher education. Edunation does not offer any teaching of its own. Its assignment is to cooperate with its partner universities in organizing the study program. Lectures will be arranged by the partner university of the study program in question.

Edunation does offer the students advice and recommendations pertaining to travel and housing arrangements.

The role of the host university

The host university of the study program is fully responsible for all teaching offered to the participants. This includes the initial orientation, all teaching and giving credits for completed courses. Edunation assumes no responsibility for any changes in the courses offered by the host university.

Application and payments

Application is made online at and at Each program has a specific application form. Required attachments that are unavailable while filling out the application should be sent by the application deadline. The application cannot be processed and the study place cannot be secured without the missing documents. After the application is processed, the host university sends the student an official acceptance via e-mail.

The tuition fee must be paid according to the host universities own payment policies. The sum of the tuition fee is the same when applying through Edunation and when applying directly to the university. Only exception is programs that are tailored for and only offered through Edunation.

The sum of the tuition fee includes:

  • Tuition fee (which varies depending on the host university)

The sum does not include:

  • Accommodation costs
  • Airplane tickets or other transportation
  • Visa or residence permit costs
  • Insurances
  • Vaccinations or other health care costs
  • Other study-related costs (e.g. course books)

Edunation and the host university reserve the right to demand additional information or documentation from the student even after the application.

The student is responsible for submitting up-to-date contact information to Edunation when his or her contact information has changed in order to ensure the reception of information or documents. The student must follow the emails received to his or her address that was given to Edunation. Edunation is not responsible for an unsuccessful delivery of information or documents caused by reasons beyond Edunation’s control.


The student is responsible for following the rules and instructions of the host university.

Studies are accredited as local study credits issued by the host university. More information on the credits used in Finland can be found on Edunation’s website.


Absences from teaching or failure to follow the host university’s instructions do not entitle the student to a refund of the tuition fee.

A delayed start of studies

If the student arrives late to the destination, he must notify Edunation and the host university of the delay. Students who arrive late may still be accepted to the program, depending on the decision of the host university.

Canceling participation

Canceling participation in a study program is only possible by written notice (letter or e-mail). Canceling is free of charge if made before the tuition fee has come due or before it has been paid.

Each host university has their own policies for canceling the study place.

Refund policy

Each host university has their own refund policy in case the student wants to cancel his or her participation after paying the tuition fee but before the study program has started.

For programs where Edunation invoices the student for the tuition fee, the refund policy is as follows: the student has a right to full refund of the tuition fee (not including possible bank fees)

  • if the student is not granted a residence permit in Finland
  • if the student has been conditionally admitted but do not graduate on time and the study place is thus cancelled
  • if the student’s residence permit status changes before enrollment to the university and the student is no longer required to pay fees
  • if the host university is unable to organize the degree program

Cancellation of the program

If the host university cancels the program or withholds the student’s right to participate in the study program for reasons independent of Edunation or the student, Edunation has no responsibility to refund any costs related to air travel, accommodations or other arrangements involved in the study program.

Passport and visa/residence permit

The student is responsible for acquiring a passport and a visa/residence permit as well as paying for the costs. The student must ascertain the documentation that is required for the visa/residence permit at the host country’s embassy. Edunation is not responsible for the costs in case the visa/residence permit application is denied.

Edunation is not responsible for any damage incurred by the student if his or her travel is delayed or canceled because of insufficient documentation. Edunation assumes no responsibility to compensate for any costs incurred by the student if documentation from the host university that is required for the visa is not available for reasons independent of Edunation.

While staying in Finland, the student has the responsibility to update his or her visa/residence permit status according to the instructions and rules of the host university and the local authorities. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that visa/residence rules are being followed and that the visa/residence permit is renewed in due course.


Every student studying at universities in Finland is required to have a valid health insurance. The health insurance must be valid throughout your entire stay in Finland. The student is responsible for acquiring insurance prior to departure. Acquiring insurances is the student’s responsibility.


The student is responsible for making sure he or she has received all the vaccinations required by Finland and that the vaccinations are valid. The student is advised to ask his or her local health care providers for more information about the required vaccinations.

Edunation’s partners

Edunation has partners that provide travel arrangements and accommodation. By sending an application to Edunation, the student allows the partners of Edunation to contact him or her concerning travel arrangements, accommodations or other services.

Study reports, feedback queries and photo/video material

Student applying through Edunation gives Edunation the right to selectively use their study reports on e.g. Edunation’s webpage. The students are also requested to answer feedback queries. By applying through Edunation, the student approves of Edunation’s right to use commercially any photographic or video material recorded by Edunation staff without separate notification.


Edunation reserves the right to changes in programs and fees after a contract has been formed between Edunation and the customer, if the changes are caused by reasons beyond Edunation’s control, such as changes in public fees, taxes or currency rates.

Edunation is not liable for typographical errors. Edunation reserves the right to change contract conditions and information relating to universities. Edunation attempts to inform its customers of changes as soon as possible.

Edunation assumes no liability for failure to fulfill its duties in cases of force majeure, strikes, or other situations beyond Edunation’s control. Edunation reserves the right to changes.

Liability and refunds

Edunation assumes no liability for any damage to health, safety or property, or for financial loss. Edunation is not liable for failure to fulfill its duties or to refund payments when the program has started in cases of force majeure, strikes or other situations beyond the control of Edunation.

Edunation assumes no liability if a student’s application does not successfully register in Edunation’s database due to a technical problem at the student’s end.


Students are responsible for abiding the Finnish laws.

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