The Degree Program in Aviation and Tourism Business is based on the future needs of the aviation and tourism industries with a focus on customer-orientation, globalization, continuous change and sustainability.

It is planned especially for experts in travel agencies, tour operating, aviation and other sectors in transportation, travel management and tourism organisations.

The goal is to raise the know-how of an expert to a developer level.

  • Objectives

    Graduates from Aviation and Tourism Business program are prepared for work in diverse and challenging professional tasks, for example in service and experience design and management.

    The program encourages students to study and work concurrently, which gives the students the opportunity to integrate real-life projects in studies. This exchange between work and study enhances the skills and competencies the students need to advance professionally.

  • Structure

    In the beginning of the studies, the students choose their specialization area and make their individual study plan in collaboration with an academic advisor. In other words, students can focus on areas that contribute to their desired career steps.

    Students can choose their specialization area from the following options:

    • Experience Economy and Designing Services 

    This specialization prepares students for planning, developing and managing services and experiences based on customer understanding. Student can analyse the profitability of services, and sell and market experiences. Student adapts a solution-oriented mindset in developing business in a global and responsible organization.

    • Strategic Thinking and Management 

    This specialization prepares students to apply, develop and manage strategic thinking and procedures in international and changing business environment. Studies aquaint students with various ways to develop strategy from forecasting to execution. Students can also assess and consider the impact of stakeholders to organizational strategy.

    • Leadership and People Management 

    This specialization prepares students to lead and develop human resources strategically. Studies acquaint students with theories and methods of leading organizations and developing work and workplace community. The student can also develop own leadership competencies.

    • Customer Relationships and Sales 

    This specialization prepares students to manage and develop sales and customer experience. Courses acquaint students with developing multi channel sales and customer relationships in international business environment. Studies utilize Haaga-Helia’s digital Sales Lab and eComLab environments.

    • Digital Marketing and Communications 

    This specialization prepares students to develop and manage marketing and communications strategically. Studies acquaint students with the use of data and digital environments to design creative solutions for the interaction between organization and its stakeholders.

    • Entrepreneurship and Business Design 

    This specialization prepares students to make business plans and build a network to support the business. The student can utilize innovation tools, recognize potentially valuable business opportunities, create a solution from an idea and bring it to the market successfully.

    • Digital Business Opportunities 

    This specialization prepares students to recognize and exploit new business opportunities of leading-edge digital technology. The student can assess the maturity of new technologies and apply them in transforming the business. Student masters digital service design methods based on customer experience.

    Master studies are planned to be accomplished in 1.5 – 3.0 years. Students learn by accomplishing assignments related to their own organizations or other business cases. The learning sessions take place mainly in evenings, weekends, virtually, and as intensive studies.

  • Career Opportunities

    The degree program in Aviation and Tourism Business gives the students excellent qualifications for a variety of managerial and specialist positions.

    The students could be working in the following positions:

    • Key Account Manager
    • Business Travel Specialist
    • Revenue Manager

Quick facts

Semester starts:

Degree info:
Master of Hospitality Management
1.5-3 years academic years / 90 ECTS
Language of instruction: English

Tuition fees

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