Want to join a team of talented Edunation students, and get valuable work experience while having fun?

We recruit talented students to represent Edunation throughout the year. As an international student ambassador, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks and deliver events both on and off campus according to your individual study schedule. At the same time, you will benefit from opportunities to:

  • Improve your CV with a varied employment experience and earn a letter of recommendation
  • Develop new skills such as public speaking, leadership, and strategic marketing
  • Learn social media strategy and build your own personal brand
  • Create video and blog content for our campaigns and get published in our channels
  • Support new students and Edunation’s partners in an informative and respectful way
  • Improve your networking skills and have fun!

  • Why get involved?

    If you are happy studying at one of Edunation’s host universities, you should get involved and share your experiences. You will receive access to an extensive network of people, plus, the program is a valuable work experience that will impress your future employers. You will receive:

    • Valuable work experience
    • Continued access to ambassador jobs even after you graduate
    • A letter of reference upon completion
  • What does an ambassador do?

    You should be passionate about studying in Finland and eager to share your best university experiences with prospective students, parents, visitors and others interested in Finland. Ambassadors are often asked to:

    • Support digital tasks such as blogging, social media, news articles
    • Help out with on-campus events
    • Give presentations at schools and colleges
    • Represent Edunation at Student Recruitment Fairs
    • Be a positive student role model and encourage prospective students to consider Edunation and Finland as a possibel option
  • How do I apply?

    If you want to become a student ambassador or have any questions about becoming one, or about the ambassador program in general, please contact us at careers@edunation.co

  • Quotes from our student ambassadors

    “Being a Student Ambassador is an amazing experience! A unique opportunity to help others who would like to study in Finland.”

    – Maxine, a Chinese student in Finland and Edunation Student Ambassador

    “Finland gives everyone a chance to be equal, flexible and the educational structure here is amazing!.”

    – Adeyinka, from Nigeria, Häme University of Applied Sciences

    “I wanted to go to the North and experience happiness, which I found in Finland.”

    – Sunny, a Hong Kongese student in Finland and Edunation Student Ambassador

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