Recently, the Finnish government has introduced tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students that wish to study at a state university in Finland. Thus, students who start their studies in 2017 and thereafter are required to pay tuition fees. These fees may range from 4,000 – 20,000, depending on the university, degree etc. Most universities however, have introduced plentiful scholarship options for incoming students that are required to pay fees. Please check each university page for their Scholarship and Grant options.

  • Kela: Social Insurance Institution of Finland

    If you are not a Finnish citizen and have come to Finland for study purposes, the general rule is that you cannot get financial aid from the state of Finland.

    However, you may qualify for financial aid if:

    • you have been granted a continuous (A) or permanent (P) residence permit or an EU residence permit for third-country nationals (P-EU or P-EY).
      • If you are a citizen of another EU or EEA country or of Switzerland, the family member of such a person, or a citizen of a Nordic country, you only have to register your right of residence or present your residence card.
    • if you are living in Finland permanently and
    • you have arrived in Finland for some other reason than to study.
      • Such a reason can for example be employment, family ties or return migration.

    Whether your residence is considered to be permanent is determined on the basis of the Municipality of Residence Act.

    If you are a citizen of another EU or EEA or of Switzerland, you can get financial aid even if you have come to Finland to study. This requires that

    • you are employed in Finland for at least 4 months with an average of at least 18 hours of work per week, or that your insurable earnings under the Self-Employed Persons’ Pensions Act are at least €1,000 per month, or
    • you have been granted the right of permanent residence in Finland under the Aliens Act.

    You can also get financial aid if you are the family member of a citizen of another EU or EEA country or of Switzerland who is employed in Finland.


    Source: Kela Financial Aid
  • EU Scholarships

    There’s also the possibility to apply for an Erasmus scholarship through Erasmus Mundus for full degree studies. However, the amount of scholarships and the universities that they offer it for is limited. Please check here for more information about scholarships by Erasmus Mundus.

  • Home country

    It’s often possible to apply for study abroad scholarships or grants at your own home country.

    The easiest way to get information about such possibilities is to visit your country’s Ministry of Education website, or contacting them through email or phone.

    If possible, you could also contact the Finnish Embassy in your country and inquire about grants or some other forms of funding which they may offer.

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