Scholarships to fund your studies in Finland

A scholarship is an award of financial aid given to a student for the purpose of furthering the student’s education. Scholarships are usually awarded based on criteria’s such as academic performance, diversity, field of study, country of origin or any other purposes deemed necessary by the donor or founder of the award.

Where to look?

Many universities have introduced scholarship programs for incoming international students who are required to pay tuition fees.

A number of governmental and non-governmental bodies, including educational charities, provide financial assistance to a range of students seeking education abroad. You can also approach commercial and industrial companies in the fields related to your specialization.

There might be scholarships, grants and student loans provided by your local government as well. Inquire about the different options from the Ministry of Education in your own country.

Should I apply?

The competition for scholarships are often hard as there is a limited number of awards, however, it is always worthwhile applying for the ones relevant to you. You should begin your research early on as some scholarships require you to apply a year before your courses starts.

Although the competition for a scholarship might be hard, a couple of days of work can potentially generate a significant reduction in your tuition fee. Many students often think they don’t have a chance, thus the scholarship recipients are usually students who were willing to put the time and effort in the application.

Scholarship resources

Below are listed some ways to fund your studies inlcuding the scholarship programs of each of our partner universities. Find more sponsors by searching the web with related key words.

Edunation Scholarship

Edunation also offer our own scholarships for international students interested in studying at one of our partner universities in Finland.

Find out more

If you know of a good sponsor not listed here, feel free to suggest it to us!

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