New technology and changing consumer behavior offer unlimited opportunities for people able to respond to the creative and managerial challenges.

Arcada UAS believes that a successful media manager needs to have a multidisciplinary understanding of the media, based on economics, technology and culture. Management is about finding appropriate resources, and working with and through other people to accomplish organizational goals.

The Master’s program in Media Management at Arcada gives you the opportunity to combine studies with full-time employment. 

  • Objectives

    The Master’s Degree Program in Media Management provides you with skills, competences and knowledge needed for the challenges in the new media environment.

    The education gives you a unique opportunity to integrate your previous studies and professional experience with fresh in-depth knowledge.

    After completing this Master’s program, you will be able to:

    • have a diverse knowledge in management and leadership
    • gain an understanding of media economic, innovations and digital mediascape
    • predict market trends and industry development
    • develop content, technology and business models
    • plan, implement and monitor managerial strategies
  • Structure

    Media Management program presents you with real-life cases and projects useful to a manager in any media-related company.

    Some courses, such as your master’s thesis, can be tailored to benefit both you and your employer.

    About 25 % of the program consists of scheduled tuition in class and 75 % of the program is conducted as independent/online studies. The program can be completed in one year as full-time studies or two years as part-time studies.

    Strategies and innovations in media are intimately linked to research and development. An important part of the curriculum is to plan and accomplish your own development project in the form of a Master’s Thesis.

    In the process you will learn to identify problems, ask relevant questions, and report and communicate your findings in a way that meets the academic standards and is relevant to the industry. T

    he aim of the thesis project is to advance the operations or management methods of a creative company or content industrial actors in general. In other words, your master’s education can be seen as a wise investment for your employer, if you are currently in the business.

  • Career opportunities

    Graduates will be able to work with a wide variety of tasks, including conventional managerial functions, e.g. analysis and planning in both private and public media.

    Positions could also include media consultants, communication analysts or research.

    As the master program is international, graduates have a larger labor market as their arena.

Quick facts

Semester starts:

Degree info:
Master of Culture and Arts
1 academic year / 60 ECTS
Language of instruction: English

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