Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences offers a 3-year Creativity and Business Innovation program. It’s a program for aspiring entrepreneurs, product and service managers and for corporate leaders as well.

The curriculum will train you to discover and develop new business models, inspire co-founders and employees and manage a growing organisation. It’s built on a foundation of the best business practices.

You will study in a multi-cultural environment, which will increase your credibility in an international arena.

  • Objectives

    The studies consist of real-life problem-solving tasks as a part of corporate internships in different European markets.

    You will learn to discover and develop novel business models, inspire co-founders and employees and manage a growing organisation.

  • Structure

    The program will focus on the acquisition of business general knowledge, business administration and business innovation.

    Business administration

    • Legal basics and documentation
    • Teamwork
    • Management
    • Organisational behavior
    • Personnel management

    Business processes management 

      • Economics
      • Sales and market mechanisms
      • Business analysis
      • Fundamentals of business
      • Enterprise financial management
      • Organizational communication

    Value acquisition and implementation

    • Knowledge and philosophy of science
    • Business ethics
    • Corporate social responsibility
    • Self-management in university
    • Intervention theory and practice

    General competences

    • Self development
    • Entrepreneurial behavior and characteristics
    • Communication
    • Public speaking

    Creativity and business innovation

    • Internship II
    • Research methods
    • Academic writing
    • Estonian for the beginners
    • Innovation strategy
    • Business models and evolutionary strategic development
    • Creativity as a Scientific Field of Study
    • Enhancing creativity
    • Individual creativity


    You will also need to conduct Bachelor thesis and have an internship as a part of your studies.

  • Career opportunities

    Graduates of the program find employment in different fields of expertise, such as:

    • entrepreneurship
    • supply chain
    • business development
    • business management
    • consulting
    • leadership development programs

Quick facts

Semester starts:

Degree info:
Diploma of Professional Higher Education
3 academic years / 180 ECTS
Language of instruction: English
Tuition fee: 4 820€ / academic year

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