HAMK was the first ever higher education institution in Finland to receive the highest status “advanced” for its quality system.

Häme University of Applied Sciences, also known as HAMK, is a higher education institution with several campuses throughout the most populated area of southern Finland. There are around 7 500 students studying in the 7 campuses of HAMK. Bachelor level degree programs are offered completely in English in the fields of Technology, Engineering, Business and Design.

HAMK has strong links to business and industry. Therefore, the graduate employment rate is one of the highest in Finland, as is also the rate of graduates who start their own business. HAMK also has four research units that support the industry within the region. In this way, HAMK can offer authentic learning environments and assignments for the benefit of both students and enterprises.

Moreover, HAMK is known for its international environment. The university has more than 100 partner institutions worldwide. Students can choose to do exchange studies or double degree programs in one of HAMK’s partner institutions.

Häme university of applied sciences students in computer lab in Finland
HAMK students in computer labs

The seven campuses of HAMK all have modern learning environments. In addition, web-based learning and remote studies are possible at HAMK. The latest educational technologies and eLearning techniques are used together with traditional face-to-face teaching. Features like these enable students to better adapt to the fast-paced working environment of the future.

Hämeenlinna campus address

Visamäentie 35 A
13100 Hämeenlinna

Valkeakoski campus address

Tietotie 1
37630 Valkeakoski

Riihimäki campus address

Kaartokatu 2
11100 Riihimäki

Forssa campus address

Wahreninkatu 11
30100 Forssa


Häme University of Applied Sciences

Häme University of Applied Sciences offers 7 bachelor’s level programs fully in English.

Tuition fees

Bachelor’s degrees

Students who are from non-EU/EEA countries are required to pay a fee of 9700 € per academic year for bachelor’s degrees in English starting from the January 2020 intake.

The tuition fee for the academic year must be paid at the time of confirming the study place. The fee must be paid at once and cannot be paid in installments.



Scholarships are available for fee paying degree students at HAMK. Starting from November 2020 scholarships are granted based on Finnish language skills. The aim of HAMK’s scholarship program is to support the future employment of international degree students in Finland by encouraging students to gain good level of Finnish language during their studies.  

 Students can be awarded with a scholarships twice during their studies based on their level of Finnish language and provided that they complete 60 ECTS credits per academic year. The Finnish language skills are evaluated by exam results or HAMK’s Finnish language teachers written certificate. 

 1. Scholarship: Basic User of Finnish language (CERF level-A2): 3200 € 

2. Scholarship: Independent User of Finnish language – (CERF level B1): 6500 € 

Please note: the students who have started their degree studies before 2020, will continue to be awarded with scholarship based solely on study progression. The scholarship programme, which applied at the start of their studies, will apply for the whole duration of the studies. 

The application process is fast and simple. The students are accepted on a first come, first served basis which means that if you meet the minimum requirements, you will be accepted.

  • Admission requirements

    Make you sure you have all the following documents ready when you fill out the application form.

    Educational background

    Applicants who have completed a qualification outside Finland must submit the following documents to Edunation:

    • Copy of the final/official secondary school certificate or vocational qualification which gives eligibility for higher education studies in your own country
    • Transcript of records with a GPA 50% or above. This is required to be able to apply through Edunation.

    Note: Original copies must be shown when arriving in Finland.

    Proof of nationality

    • Copy of passport ID page OR official ID card indicating the nationality

    Entrance exam or SAT

    International Business

    You will be invited to an entrance exam after you have submitted your application. You cannot apply for International Business with SAT results. The invitation will be sent by e-mail approximately two weeks before the exam. You cannot choose the exam date by yourself.

    Exam: The entrance examinations are organised online. The entrance examination consists of an essay, a section measuring mathematical/logical thinking and an interview. The examination includes a compulsory section measuring English language proficiency. The essay is the test for written English and the interview is testing the applicant’s oral skills. Applicants are not given separate points for the language test but the language test is graded on a pass/fail basis.

    You must pass all parts of the examination in order to be able to be selected for admission. If you fail to reach the minimum points in any of the examination parts or in the total score, you will be disqualified from the entrance examination. Applicants that pass the written entrance examination will be invited to online interviews.

    Interview: The purpose of the interview is to get an idea of the applicant’s English language level, as well as to get to know them on a more personal level. There will be questions asked which relate to international business studies, as well as some general questions about the student and their goals for their studies and future.


    Engineering programs and Computer Applications

    Students are selected using two selection methods:

    • admission on the basis of SAT-test results
    • admission on the basis of the points awarded for entrance examination

    Applicants can choose whether they take the SAT-test or participate in the entrance examination.

    If you choose SAT, HAMK requires a minimum score of 400 from Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and 400 from Mathematics. Only new SAT scores taken after 1 March 2016 are accepted. You need to request the test score report to be sent to HAMK directly from the testing center. HAMK’s code is 6894.

    If you choose entrance examination, you will be invited to the entrance examination after you have submitted your application. The invitation will be sent by e-mail approximately two weeks before the exam. Entrance examinations are organized five times during the academic year and the applicants will always be invited to the next possible exam after submitting the online application and the necessary attachments. You cannot choose the exam date by yourself.

    The entrance examinations are organized online. Applicants that pass the written entrance examination will be invited to an online interview that is organised within one week after the written entrance examinations.

    Exam date for Bioeconomy Engineering:

    • August 29, 2019

    Exam: The entrance examination measures study skills and aptitude for technological fields (logical reasoning skills and basic competence in mathematics and physics/chemistry), as well as English language proficiency. The language test is compulsory for all applicants and it will be assessed on a scale of pass/fail. Only applicants passing the language test will be considered for admission.

    The total duration of the entrance examination is 3 hours of which 45 minutes is reserved for the English language test.

    Note: All documents need to be translated to English, if the original document is not in English. The translations need to be signed and stamped by the translator.

  • Application instructions

    Read our general page about how to apply to study in Finland. Specific instructions will be given to you once you apply to our application portal.

Quick facts

Semester starts:
January & August

Tuition fee:
9700 € / year

Application portal




International students


Degree programs in English

Reasons to choose Häme University of Applied Sciences

More than 100 partner institutions around the world where students can go for exchange studies.

One of the highest graduate employability rates in Finland.

New, and very modern campus facilities, with state of the art equipment in every classroom.

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