Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Applications is for you if you are interested in working with computers, cell-phones and creating new applications. This new study program is your chance to get professional level programming skills in modern programming environments and languages. The degree program in Computer Applications provides students with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is taught entirely in English. It combines lectures and real work life connections so that every student will spend a big part of their studies in actual workplaces. After studies, students will graduate as professional programmers ready for the modern ICT challenges.


Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Credits: 210 ECTS
Duration: 3.5 academic years
Studies begin: September
Language Instruction: English

  • Objectives

    As digital technology takes over all areas of our life, new programmers are needed for inventing and creating the applications. Programming requires logical thinking, understanding users and patience. Creating large applications is always teamwork. You will be using different environments from web pages and systems to mobile apps and games. Artificial intelligence is a popular way to process different kinds of data from business data to Big Data. For large data sets cloud services are often used. Server operating systems are a part of the studies that give you skills you can apply to many different programming jobs all over the world.

  • Studies

    The core competence studies in Computer applications cover a wide range of topics in programming. You will learn programming languages and techniques most commonly used today. Studies include also e.g. user interface design, operating systems, web development, databases, cloud operations, software robotics, business and innovation, probability and statistics. After this, you will select studies according to your own interests and focus e.g. on augmented reality, artificial intelligence or big data. It will also be possible to select profiling studies from other degree programmes.

    Studies will cover the following themes:

    • business intelligence
    • web pages, mobile apps, games
    • professional programming
    • artificial intelligence
    • ICT enterpreneurship
    • server operating systems
    • Logical thinking in
    • development projects
    • creating new applications
    • data processing
    • teamwork

    Exchange programs at HAMK are a great opportunity to study in one of our numerous partner universities. You will enhance your cultural knowledge, improve your language skills and create invaluable networks globally. All of these attributes are very attractive to future employers.

  • Career oppportunities

    As you graduate from the Computer Applications program, you have studied many topics widely requested in IT industry. Your title could be for example:  Software Developer/Engineer, Application Designer/Developer, Digital Business Analyst, Systems Developer, Programmer, Web Developer, Application Developer, Game Programmer, User Interface Designer, Project Manager, IT Specialist, Entrepreneur, AR/VR Developer, Data Analyst, AI Programmer.

    During your studies you will work in connection to real life workplaces and companies, and by the time of graduation you have an extensive network and practical skills to apply to many different programming jobs all over the world.

Quick facts

Semester starts:

 Application period:
October 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019


Tuition fee:
8700 € / year

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