Among many other degrees, Häme University of Applied Sciences also offers its students a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology. This degree program allows students to focus on either production systems or design of mechanical systems, depending on their interests. Both paths offer a wide spectrum of courses, and they include eight common and two separate compulsory core competence modules, all provided fully in English.

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Credits: 240 ECTS
Duration: 4 academic years
Studies begin: January/September
Language of instruction: English

  • Objectives

    Mechanical engineering and production technology graduates have the necessary design, production and automation skills required in mechanical engineering.

    In addition, they are well-versed in materials technology, which is necessary in the selection of raw materials. They also have deep and up-to-date knowledge about either design of mechanical systems or production systems. In each of these areas, mechanical engineers are able to utilize the relevant computer-based tools. Graduates also master all general working life needs, like economic thinking, ability to work in teams and communication skills.

    The language of instruction is English and a truly international academic environment ensures high-level language and multicultural skills for graduates. They also have basic practical and professional Finnish language skills, so that they are able to integrate into Finnish working life.

  • Structure

    Production systems

    1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year
    ​Orientation to Engineering studies,  15 CR ​Engineering design 2, 15 CR ​Manufacturing, 15 CR ​Profiling Module 15 CR
    ​Actuators, 15 CR ​Machine Automation, 15 CR ​Profiling Modul 15 CR ​Thesis 15 CR
    Materials and Manufacturing, 15 CR ​Design and Calculation of Machine Elements, 15 CR ​Workshop Automation, 15 CR Free timing:
    ​Engineering Design 1, 15 CR ​Dynamics and Thermodynamics, 15 CR ​Profiling Module 15 CR ​Work placement, 30 CR

    Design of mechanical systems

    ​1st year ​2nd year 3rd year 4th year
    ​Orientation to Engineering studies,
    15 CR
    ​Engineering design 2,
    15 CR
    ​Applied Mechanics,
    15 CR
    ​Profiling Module 15 CR
    ​Actuators, 15 CR ​Machine Automation,
    15 CR
    ​Profiling Modul, 15 CR ​Thesis 15 CR
    ​Materials and Manufacturing, 15 CR ​Design and Calculation of Machine Elements,
    15 CR
    ​Mechanical Engineering, 15 CR Free timing:
    ​Engineering Design 1,
    15 CR
    ​Dynamics and Thermodynamics, 15 CR ​Profiling Module 15 CR ​Work placement, 30 CR
  • Career opportunities

    The graduates are well-recognized experts in cross-cultural teams and projects thanks to their strong skills in English and intercultural communication, which also opens the door to many career opportunities. The Riihimäki campus of HAMK has a long history in mechanical engineering and production technology.

    Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology graduates have a wide range of career choices around the world. A typical employer is a design engineering office, small- or medium-size workshop or a large global company. A common career path may lead to expert tasks, managerial duties or entrepreneurship.​

Quick facts

Semester starts:
January & September

 Application period:
October 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019


Tuition fee:
8700 € / year

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