The city of good connections

Riihimäki is a rapidly growing and developing city in the Southern Finland. Located only an hour away from the capital city of Finland, Helsinki, Riihimäki is easily reachable by car, bus or train. There are also good connections to and from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

The city used to be called the crystal city for its valuable glass production. Back in the days Riihimäki was one of the biggest hubs of glass design and production in Finland. Many famous and iconic glass designs have been born there. Though the glass production has ended in the city, there are still plenty of history left. Riihimäki has a rich and versatile history in manufacturing and today the city is home for many large companies in Finland such as Valio, Würth and Fortum, providing abundant job opportunities also for students.

The center has been built among parks and greenery which provides a charming environment to live in. The center itself is compact and its easy to get around by bike, foot or the local bus. For any culture lovers, Riihimäki offers plenty of museums and music and theater experiences. In addition, the city is surrounded by beautiful nature that invites you to relax.

  • Key facts

    Population: 29 000

    Founded: 1922

    Foreign nationals: 2.6%

    Total area: 126 km2

    Warmest month: July

    Coldest month: February

    Currency: Euro

  • Geography

    Riihimäki is located in the province of Southern Finland and is part of the Tavastia region. The city is located 70 kilometers away from the capital city of Finland and only 28 kilometers from Hämeenlinna. While Riihimäki is a small town, it is quite densely populated. Surrounded by unique and beautiful nature, Riihimäki has also several nature conservation areas.

  • Climate and weather

    Riihimäki is located quite south in Finland, which makes they city a bit warmer compared to most cities in Finland. The warmest month is July, where temperatures average on 22C°, and the coldest month is February, with an average temperature of -10C°.

  • Shopping

    Riihimäki has a number of shops and malls to choose from, all of which offer their customers great shopping experiences, and often, great bargain deals.

    Shopping center Atomi is easy to reach and, once there, it is easy to move around. The center contains a wide selection of fashion and leisure time shops, a department store and small shops as well as many cosy cafés and restaurants. Daily grocery shopping can also be done here. Shopping center Merkos has hypermarkets, dozens of boutiques and a number of other shops.

    In addition, there are plenty of second-hand shops where you can find items with affordable prices. Moreover, as the city is a former glass production city there are also plenty of glass studios and boutiques located around the city. You can find many retail outlets and shopping centres in the centre of Riihimäki. In summer, happenings are arranged there weekly, and on the first Tuesday each month a popular local attraction is the special market event.


  • Food and drink

    The city’s restaurant and cafe scene is rich and vibrant, offering many different flavors and atmospheres. There are dozens of dining venues to choose from. There’s an abundance of international cuisine restaurants, ranging from European to Asian dishes. Riihimäki also has numerous bars, pubs and clubs to offer to its youth. Usually, the student parties are organized on Thursdays, and oftentimes there are student discounts on drinks and entrance fees.

  • Getting around

    Riihimäki has excellent transport links on the Helsinki – Tampere axis. Journeys within the town are short and services are close at hand. There are numerous rail and road connections available to take you quickly, when necessary, in any direction.

    As the city was build around a railway station the connections are excellent and you can easily travel to Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, Tampere or even to St. Petersburg, Russia with no time.

  • Safety

    Riihimäki, like the rest of Finland, is extremely safe.

Häme University of Applied Sciences

  • Accommodation

    The Hämeenlinna Student Housing Foundation – HOPS, offers nice accommodation ​for HAMK students. HOPS also offers apartments for students studying in Riihimäki. There are plenty of apartments, studios, two-room apartments and shared apartments available. Most importantly water, electricity and fast internet connection are included in the rent.

    Riihimäki student buildings are situated near the train station in Peltosaari about 1 kilometer from the town centre and 2 kilometers from the campus.

    There are also plenty of other companies that offer apartments at a reasonable price.

  • Transportation

    By train:

    You get a 30 % student discount on basic tickets when travelling on long-distance trains, as well as on 10 and 30 journey multi-tickets. You are also entitled to a 50 % student discount when travelling on commuter trains in commuter train services area on single tickets and on 10 journey multi-tickets.

    More information can be found on the website of the railway company.

    By bus:

    For single trips exceeding 60 kilometres, Matkahuolto grants a 50% discount for normal adult tickets. For shorter trips, the discount is smaller. The tickets are always cheaper when purchased online in advance. There is also a five-trip travel card available for students, that entitles the card holder for five travel times in the specified route. To receive the student discount, you must a full-time student at a Finnish institution, and have a student ID with Matkahuolto stamp on it. Alternatively, you can get a Matkahuolto and VR student ID from any bus terminal.

    More information can be found on the website of the bus company.

    Local transport:

    Most places in Riihimäki are within walking/cycling distance. It is, of course, also possible to take a bus as well. The local bus fare is 3.00 €/single ticket, but it is possible to buy a discount ticket for 30 days. The discount ticket costs 45.60 €.

  • Library

    The Riihimäki City Library is well equipped and customers are entitled to get a library card after filling out an application form in the library. There is also a great variety of different kinds of magazines and newspapers, CD’s, etc. available in the library. You can borrow books for a period of 28 days in the city library. You have to pay a fee if the book is returned later than the deadline.

    Moreover, each HAMK campus has its own library where the students and staff have access to numerous databases. You can obtain your library card free of charge at the library.

  • Student meals

    In Finland, the meals for students are state supported, and thus healthy, nutritious, and very affordable.

    With a student card or meal subsidy card, you can buy affordable food in HAMK’s student restaurants and cafes. The price per meal is 2.60 € if you show your student card to the cashier.

    It is also possible to see the weekly menu online.

  • Health care

    The health care services are usually provided through municipal health care providers. You can find more information about your health care arrangements directly from your university.

    Please note that even when your student status makes you eligible to access the student health care services, this does not replace the need for a valid insurance.

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The Finnish Glass Museum

The museum premises are in an old glass factory. The famous Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala planned the restoration and the permanent exhibition. The permanent exhibition gives insight to the early days of glass industry’s history in Finland and the various glass blowing techniques as well as the products of the Finnish glass industry from the 18th century until today. The best known names in Finnish glass design are Gunnel Nyman, Kaj Franck, Timo Sarpaneva, Nanny Still, Helena Tynell and Tapio Wirkkala.

The Hunting Museum of Finland

The main exhibition of the museum gives an introduction to Finnish out-door life and its progressive change from hunting as a livelihood into hunting as a hobby. In the Sako hall there is a large collection of the Finnish arms industry. The Safari space shows hunting trophies from exotic safaris. During the year the museum also arranges many temporary hiking and outdoor themed exhibitions.

The Riihimäki Art Museum

Riihimäki Art Museum was founded in 1994. The art and antique dealer Pentti Wähäjärvi enabled the foundation. He and his wife Tatjana donated their large collection to the town of Riihimäki. The collection includes more than 2000 works of art and art objects. Finnish art forms the core of the collection, especially the years 1900 -1970 being well represented. The main collection of art objects are in porcelain and ceramics. In addition to the collection, the museum arranges both national and foreign exhibitions in various fields of the fine arts.

Riihimäki Town Museum

The Town Museum was founded in 1961. The museum building was originally the track engineers house and it is one of Riihimäki’s oldest buildings, built in 1858. The museum presents the everyday life in Riihimäki from prehistoric times till present. The museum also organizes changing exhibitions.


Glass factory workers’ living places offer a moment in history as the workers used to live here with their families. Still in its original setting Hyttikortteli is a fascinating place to visit and experience a piece of Finnish history.

Leisure and sport

Riihimäki offers diverse opportunities to engage in outdoor and sporting activities. There are dozens of venues, including a swimming hall, outdoor swimming pool, sports centre and bowling rink, tennis hall, ice hall, artificial ice rink, downhill skiing at Riutta and grass football pitches. There are two exercise parks as well as 15 kilometres of illuminated cross-country skiing tracks and jogging paths.

Reasons to choose Riihimäki

Well-connected city, located only an hour away from the capital city Helsinki

Affordable living costs.

Lively city with many happenings throughout the year.

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