Helsinki School of Business, also known as HELBUS, is a private university located in Helsinki. With only five years of operations behind it, HELBUS is a fairly new establishment, which is relished through their modern approach and best up-to-date education.

In 2016, HELBUS partnered with University of Northampton in the UK and started delivering a Bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business and Management) validated by University of Northampton. University of Northampton is a well-known university in England with roots dating to the 13th century. It takes pride in having achieved a 95 % employability rate of its graduates for the last five years.


HELBUS students working on a project


Moreover, the school invites lecturers from other universities and countries to deliver modules for HELBUS students. The class sizes in HELBUS are kept small, so the professors get to know the students on a more personal level. This enables them to instruct and guide each student according their needs.



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Helsinki School of Business

Helsinki School of Business offers two programs for their students. This allows the school to have small class sizes, and the students will receive personal guidance from their professors.

Both courses are offered fully in English. On completion of either of these degrees, the HELBUS student are awarded with a diploma from the University of Northampton, a partnership university of Helsinki School of Business.

All information on the page is subject to change.

  • Bachelor's degree programs in English
    • Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management (BA Hons)
  • Master's degree programs in English
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Credits

    Bachelor’s degree

    • Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management (BA Hons)
      • The first 2 years = 120 ECTS (240 UK credits)
      • Final year = 60 ECTS (120 UK credits)

    Master’s degree

    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
      • 3 terms = 90 ECTS
  • Tuition Fees

    Bachelor’s degrees

    At Helsinki Business School, the same tuition fees apply to both EU and non-EU citizens.

    • Non-EU applicants are required to pay the full amount for four academic terms in advance, which amounts to 18,820€.
    • The tuition fee in the full-time programme is 4,705€ per term (incl. VAT).
    • The total tuition fee for the Bachelor’s degree studies will amount to 28,230€ (six terms).

    Master’s degrees

    Non-EU students are required to pay 15,000€ for the whole study program. The value must be paid in full before receiving the official acceptance certificate.

    Note: The payment schedule differs from EU-citizens due to the residence permit requirements of the Finnish Immigration Service.

“The idea of studying business in English really appealed to me as I’ve always planned on developing an international career for myself. HELBUS provided a great opportunity, not just to improve my language skills, but also to meet fascinating instructors and develop contacts in business schools and companies around the world without leaving Helsinki. Everyone at HELBUS are helpful and friendly, and the system whereby we only study one unit at a time is ideal for me as it allows me to focus on one task at a time. Overall, the curriculum is well-rounded and certainly provides the generalist introduction to business that I was hoping for when I applied. At the end of my four terms at HELBUS, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to complete my Bachelor’s degree abroad, and then possibly start working towards a postgraduate MBA.”

– Omar Abdelkarim, Class of 2015



“It is wonderful to be exposed to different perspectives of the business environment and to learn about business cultures in other parts of the world. My dream is to continue in my current job in an international law firm. Thanks to HELBUS, I have now an opportunity to move up in the firm. Now that my English language skills are also developing quickly during my studies, I hope that working at our London office will be a possibility one day.The HELBUS blended programme is designed to suit those of us who work full-time hours and study in the evenings. The professors are really nice and they understand that our work may sometimes affect our studies. I became interested in HELBUS as I already have a job I really like and I did not want to quit in order to study. HELBUS provided a solution for my situation and combining work and studies in HELBUS’ fully-online blended learning programme has been easier than I dared expect!I have already gained lots of confidence at HELBUS and my English has improved even in these few months. I am truly satisfied with my decision to apply to the HELBUS blended programme.”

– Anna Lammela, student at HELBUS



“I originally applied to HELBUS as I was moving to Finland and wanted to continue my studies in an international environment. HELBUS made the process of transferring the study credits I had already earned in Hawaii incredibly easy and I have really appreciated the amount of student support on offer since starting my studies. As a foreign student, I especially value the school’s internationalism and continue to enjoy being exposed to instructors from all over the world and the unique teaching styles, ideas and experiences that they bring with them. The smaller class size really helps develop a sense of community among the students, and the three-week unit cycle means that we are able to develop connections with the instructors in a way that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. After HELBUS, I intend to earn an MBA in either the UK or United States and then hopefully put the skills I’ve learned to good use and begin a career as an entrepreneur.”

– Hunter Deligeersang, Class of 2015


Before, the application process for Finnish universities used to be much more complicated and time-consuming. Thus, Edunation decided to come up with a much easier system. In a nutshell, all the applicant has to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Fill the online registration form
  • Take part in a online interview
  • Apply for a residence permit

The whole application process will be very fast and flexible, and you will get an acceptance in 2 weeks. After the applicants receive their acceptance letters and residence permits, they will start their studies at a Finnish university, which offers one of the best educations in the world.

Please note that the application process through Edunation is different than the one found on Helbus’ website, thus we ask you to carefully follow the instructions on our page.

  • Who can apply

    Bachelor’s degree program

    If you are a citizen of a non-EU or EEA country, who does not have a residence permit in Finland, you can apply to a full-time program only if you fulfill the requirements for student residence permit of Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). Thus, you should have one of the following justifications for Migri:

    • completed other degree at university level after high school, for example in a different field, and aim to complement your existing qualifications with business and management studies need further training relating to work done in your country of departure
    • have Finnish ancestry

    This restriction has to do with the Law of Foreigners and Finnish Immigration Service policy on student residence permits.

    However, if you do fulfill any of the above conditions and qualify for a residence permit, you are welcome to apply for a September start throughout the year if you meet the entry requirements below. If you do not qualify for residence permit, we are unfortunately unable to consider your application to the full-time program.

    Master’s degree program

    You are eligible to apply to the MBA program, if you have graduated (or are about to graduate) from an undergraduate degree in business and management at a level equivalent to the British first or second class. Degree holders of other disciplines may apply, if they can demonstrate a passion and interest in business and management in their Motivation Letter and CV. As this MBA is designated as ‘pre-experience’, executive-level job experience is not mandatory.

  • Required documents

    Bachelor’s degree program

    The following minimum entry requirements apply:

    • English language proficiency in TOEFL or IELTS
    • Upper secondary leaving certificate, such as high school diploma or IB diploma with good achievement level
    • Copy of passport
    • Copy of Residence Permit

    Master’s degree program

    You have a good chance of being admitted to the MBA-program if you have the following:

    • University or university of applied sciences undergraduate degree in business and management (180 ECTS credits), or similar at a level of British first or second class (medium-level grade in Finland), or
    • Undergraduate degree in another discipline with strong and demonstrated interest in business and/or entrepreneurship (please upload CV).
    • English Language Proficiency test, such as IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge tests etc.
    • CV
    • Motivational Letter

    Note: All documents (educational, language, nationality) need to be translated to English. The translations need to be signed and stamped by the translator.

  • Application instructions

    After choosing the university and the degree that you want to apply for, you will need to fill out an online application form, where you need to submit the following information:

    • Chosen university and degree program
    • Personal data and contact information
    • Eligibility information (prior education, GPA etc.)

    Additionally, you will need to attach the following documents to the online application form:

    • Copy of passport
    • Certified copy of prior education transcript
    • Proof of English language proficiency
    • Motivation Letter
    • Any additional required enclosures that the university requested

    If you fulfill the minimal requirements, you will receive an invitation to an online interview.

    Soon thereafter, you will get an acceptance letter to the university you applied for, if the interview was satisfactory. Only then can you start your residence permit application process. Read more about residence permits here.

    You will also be notified by email if you do not get accepted.

Quick facts

Semester starts:
January 9, 2018

Application period:
any time of the year

Tuition fee:
Bachelor: 9 410€ / year
Master: 15 000€ / full prog.

Application fee:






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