Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, also known as KAMK, is a relatively small university established in 1992. Only a few years after the commence, KAMK launched their first English-taught degree. The school was also among the first Universities of Applied Sciences to be granted permanent status, in 1996. Currently, there is over 2,000 students and a staff of 235 people. The school prides itself on its internationality, which it utilises in developing the region.

Moreover, KAMK is considered as the most proactive University of Applied Sciences in Finland. It has friendship universities and other partner institutions in more than 40 countries worldwide.


KAMK Campus



Ketunpolku 3,

87100 Kajaani




Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences currently runs 5 schools, including Engineering, Information Systems, Business, Tourism, and Sports and Health. Four Bachelor’s degree programs are offered fully in English.

All information on the page is subject to change.


Semester dates and application deadlines

Autumn 2018
Semester dates To be announced
Orientation To be announced
Application period September 15 2017 – June 15 2018
Spring 2019
Semester dates To be announced
Orientation To be announced
Application period To be announced

  • Bachelor's degree programs
    • Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business
    • Bachelor of Sports Studies in Sports and Leisure Management
    • Bachelor of Hospitality Management in Tourism
    New degree starting in autumn 2018:
    • Bachelor of Business Administration in eSports Business
  • Credits

    At Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, the duration of your studies and the credits that you get from them depend on which program you have chosen. Listed below, you may find some general information about the total ECTS that you will receive by the time you graduate from a given program.

    Bachelor’s degrees

    • Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business
      • 3,5 years = 210 ECTS
    • Bachelor of Sports Studies in Sports and Leisure Management
      • 3,5 years = 210 ECTS
    • Bachelor of Hospitality Management in Tourism
      • 3,5 years = 210 ECTS
    To be launched in Autumn 2018:
    • Bachelor of Business Administration in eSports Business
      • 3,5 years = 210 ECTS
  • Tuition Fees

    Bachelor’s degrees

    Students who are from a non-EU/EEA country are required to pay a fee of 6,000€ per academic year for Bachelor’s degrees in English. The payment is done at the same time when accepted student confirms his/her study place at KAMK.


  • Scholarships

    A scholarship of 3,000€ is possible from the second year onward, given that the student meets the minimum requirement of 55 credits per academic year.

    Students need to apply separately for a scholarship.

  • Campus

    The KAMK campus area is a melting pot of different countries and cultures. To make things easy for you, all the student services are located comfortably close to each other.

    Campus facilities include modern technologies, like data center and game design labs, 3D printers, robotics and smart gym where digitalized environment and games are utilized to boost the training.

    A wide range of sports services are offered for students. Two sports halls, two gyms and a climbing wall on campus are in students use for instructed group sessions, ball games and individual training and exercising.



    Besides course books and printed materials, campus library provides extensive electronic resources.

    The campus guarantees that you will enjoy the comfort and ease of on-hand services while being temptingly close to the magic of the taiga and Kajaani’s fantastic outdoor sports and leisure areas.

  • Student services

    All the international students are warmly welcomed to KAMK. New students can soon notice that we care all of our students. We arrange reception for our new international students on their arrival to Kajaani. The tutoring students will meet you on arrival and make sure that you will find your way to the accommodation safely. The studies begin with 4-day orientation program and team-building activities to make the beginning of studies as smooth as possible.

    Friend Family Programme

    KAMK runs a Friend Family Programme, which offers our international students the chance to get to know Finnish culture and language better by pairing participating students with families from the Kainuu area. The Friend Family Programme not only allows students to experience everyday Finnish life, but also helps them adapt to their new surroundings by connecting them with a welcoming Finnish family. Foreign students can apply for a friend family after starting their studies.

    Tutoring Students and Student Union KAMO

    KAMO is the Student Union of KAMK. It is a non-profit-making association, which looks after the interests of KAMK students. KAMO also organizes numerous events during the academic year, including outdoor recreation days, social gatherings and parties. KAMO organizes tutoring activities at KAMK. Tutoring students help new students to get their studies started and to cope with everyday life in Kajaani.


    Student accommodation is available in modern and neat apartments on campus. Each student is provided a private furnished room in shared apartment. According to the students’ preferences, also unfurnished student accommodation is available within a walking distance from campus or if willing, students can rent an apartment privately. The rent for the student accommodation on campus is 310€ per month. The rent includes water and electricity. The internet connection is paid separately.

“Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is the most student friendly higher education institution in a city which is student friendly. There’s easy access to almost everything, from shopping, university amenities and travelling. I would always recommend as the best University of Applied Sciences.”

– Steve, student from Kenya

“The studies there were very international, all of my courses were taught in English and there were many language courses available. We also had an international staff, and the student services were very well organized to include the international students! The campus is in close biking distance to the city center, and there are also student housing options available right next to the campus.”

– Melissa, student from the United States of America

Before, the application process for Finnish universities used to be much more complicated and time-consuming. Thus, Edunation decided to come up with a much easier system. In a nutshell, all the applicant has to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Fill the online application form
  • Submit a short video of yourself
  • Apply for a residence permit

The whole application process will be very fast and flexible. After the applicants receive their acceptance letters and residence permits, they will start their studies at a Finnish university, which offers one of the best educations in the world.

Please note that the application process through Edunation is different than the one found on KAMK’s website, thus we ask you to carefully follow the instructions on our page.

  • Who can apply

    To be eligible for KAMK, you will need to show proof of your educational background, you English language proficiency and nationality.

    Check below for more detailed information about the application procedure and the required documents.

  • Required documents

    Applicants who have completed a qualification outside Finland must submit the following documents to Kajaani UAS’s Admissions Office:

    • A copy of the final / official secondary school certificate or vocational qualification.
      Please note that only final certificates awarded by national and regional bodies granting educational certificates will be accepted. Therefore, various other documents such as “Result slips”, “Testimonials”, “Statements of Results”, “Examination Results” are not considered as official certificates.
    • Transcript of Records (with an average or above average GPA)
    • English Language Proficiency test
      • IELTS: 5,5
      • TOEFL (internet based test): 46
      • TOEFL (paper based test): 520
      • TOEFL: (computer based test): 192
      • PTE academic: 43
      • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE): C
    • Copy of Passport
    • 5-minute video that measures your motivation and oral language skills

    Note: All documents need to be translated to either Finnish, Swedish or English, if the original document is in neither of those languages. The translations need to be signed and stamped by the translator.

  • Application instructions

    After choosing the university and the degree that you want to apply for, you will need to fill out an online application form, where you need to submit the following information:

    • Chosen university and degree program
    • Personal data and contact information
    • Eligibility information (prior education, GPA etc.)

    Additionally, you will need to attach the following documents to the online application form:

    • Copy of passport
    • Certified copy of prior education transcript
    • Proof of English language proficiency
    • Video of yourself
    • Any additional required enclosures that the university requested

    If you fulfill the minimal requirements, you will receive an acceptance within a month from submitting your application. Only then can you start your residence permit application process. Read more about the process here.

    You will also be notified by email if you do not get accepted.

Quick facts

Semester start:

Application deadline:
June 15

Tuition fee:
6,000€ / year

Application fee:






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