Do you want to be the next AI Specialist? Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the field of technology as we speak. In addition to its impact in science it has already changed the way we develop new products, games and services.

Today AI is in form of tools and libraries that doesn’t require scientific background to use them. There is a growing demand for programmers with hands-on experience and understanding on these tools that can harness the power of AI in different use-scenarios.

Students will get hands on experience on applying AI-tools in co-operation with the vivid ecosystem of companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics located in Pori.

  • Objectives

    The aim of this degree is to allow students face complex challenges in a real-world environment where problem-solving, collaboration and creativity are highly valued skills. Local companies are involved in the study process – they provide the students with the R&D tasks and their experts act as mentors for the students.

  • Structure

    Basic studies 40 ECT (i.e. applied mathemetacis, natural science, communication, etc.)

    Professional studies 110 ECT (i.e. AI, ML, data science, etc.)

    Elective studies 15 ECT

    Work Placement, internship 30 ECT

    Thesis 15 ECT

  • Pedagogy

    The pedagogical methods are integrated as a mode of higher education outside of the class room. Robotics and AI Academy students are chosen according to their practical learning styles. 15-20 new Academy students are chosen every year.

    Academy students carry out all their studies by practical projects with topics coming from the local companies. The companies have significant role, because their needs define the knowledge needs of the students. Students work like the RDI departments of the companies. This will also give the companies possibilities for prolonged recruitment.
    Students have different roles in different projects varying from project managers to marketing managers and technology experts. The most used methods in Robotics and AI Academy are Project Learning and Learning by Doing. Teachers role is more like coaching.

Quick facts

Semester starts:

Degree info:
Bachelor of Business Administration
3 academic years / 210 ECTS
Language of instruction: English

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