If you are looking for a career in nursing, Edunation’s program at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) will give you the right skills. The degree program will provide you with the expertise needed in varied health care settings. During the program, the latest research and evidence-based nursing practices will be integrated with hands-on professional skills.

The curriculum is based on EU directives and the qualification complies with the European standards. As a Bachelor of Health Care, you will be eligible to work as a certified nurse in Finland and anywhere within the European Union. During your studies, you will also have the chance to study and learn Finnish language, which is needed when applying for nursing jobs in Finland.

The language of teaching is English and no previous Finnish skills are required. This program is available only through Edunation. If you have knowledge of Finnish language, you may also apply to study Nursing through the Finnish joint application.

  • Objectives

    The aim of the program is to educate students to become nurses in the field of health care. Nurses protect, promote, and enhance the health of individuals, families and communities, thus improving the quality of life. The prevention of illness and injury as well as the alleviation of suffering are core parts of nursing. Nurses are able to support people in health and wellbeing promotion, maintenance of health, and care for the ill in a holistic way throughout the life span.

  • Structure

    The extent of the degree program is 210 ECTS credits and it takes 3.5 years to complete.The studies consist of:

    • Initial, middle stage and advanced nursing studies (109 credits)
    • Supervised Clinical Training (75 credits)
    • Bachelor’s thesis (15 credits)
    • English language (3 credits)
    • Free choice studies, e.g. Finnish language (10 credits)

    Access to further studies: The degree gives you eligibility to apply for various master’s programs around the world.

  • Career opportunities

    Nurses work in all different sectors and levels of health care. Medical-surgical field of nursing is vast, covering acute and long-term health care facilities, social welfare organisations, and international positions.

    There is a huge demand for workers in the health care sector. It is estimated that Finland would need at least 4200 nurses in the near future.

Quick facts

Semester starts:

Degree info:
Bachelor of Health Care
3,5 academic years / 210 ECTS
Language of instruction: English

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