Salo is a small town on the Western coast of Finland that offers a peaceful environment near nature and archipelago.

Electronics factory hub

Salo is known for its various electronics factories. First, radio production, later televisions, cell phones and computer screens among other electronic devices were produced in Salo. Nokia was the biggest employer of the city and Nokia phones originally came from Salo. The old factory of Nokia was later turned into a hotel.

Entrepreneurial traditions

Salo has long entrepreneurial traditions and a vibrant business sector. Good connections to the main ports of Finland – Helsinki and Turku – guarantee a good flow for customers, business partners and logistics.

  • Key facts

    Founded: 1887

    Population: 52 793

    Area: 2 168 km2

    Warmest month: July, 17,0 C

    Coldest month:  February, -5,7 C

    Currency: Euro ()

  • Climate and weather

    Seaside location makes the weather in Salo feel colder, because it is windier and the air is more humid. Summers are usually warm and the average temperature is 17 degrees. Winters in Salo are quite mild and the more permanent snow usually comes after December.

  • Shopping

    In Plaza shopping centre, located in the centre of Salo, you can find almost 60 shops and services.

    Marketplace in the centre offers a good variety of locally made jams, juices, bread, seasonal fruits and veggies among other delicacies. Salo marketplace is ranked one of the best in Finland by the Finnish newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus in 2016.

    In some shops, you can also find unique and ecological items and decorate your living space with leasable art.

  • Food and drink

    Restaurants and bars are mostly located in the centre. Restaurants offer a good variety of local and ethnic food. Different dietary needs are taken into consideration in most restaurants.

    Fill up your picnic basket in a local restaurant and take with you locally produced food. Riverside park would be an ideal location for a picnic.

  • Transportation and getting around

    Salo is located 54 kilometers east from Turku and 119 kilometers from Helsinki and has direct bus and train connections to both cities. Trains to both Helsinki and Turku leave approximately once an hour.

    Nearest airport is in Turku, which is located 8km outside Turku city centre, and has daily connections to Helsinki, Mariehamn, Alicante, Gdansk, Riga, and Stockholm. Bus line 1 connects the city centre and the airport. Turku can also be accessed with a ferry from Sweden, or by train or bus from elsewhere in Finland.

    Distances in Salo aren’t so long since the town is quite small. Salo has also a public transport system that operates only on weekdays. The best way to check the bus schedules is to use the Matkahuolto service. Salo IoT campus is approximately 20 minutes’ walk away from the Salo train station.

  • Safety

    Salo is a safe town similarly to every other Finnish city or town. Still please use common sense while there – as you would in any other foreign city.

    In case something happens, or you witness something strange – the emergency number in Finland is 112.


Turku University of Applied Sciences has one of their campuses in Salo. Salo IoT campus is located in a logistic hub and the campus itself has co-working spaces and office spaces of various companies.


Turku University of Applied Sciences doesn’t have any accommodation services but information about student accommodation can be found on their website. Students usually live in Turku and commute or carpool to the Salo campus daily.

Salo area has a few organisations which rent out apartments and student apartments. For example.

  • Salon vuokratalot oy
  • Kas-asunnot

Turku Student village foundation offers accommodation to students in Turku.

Other accommodation services in Turku:

  • OVV
  • TVT-Asunnot
  • Turun ja Kaarinan seurakuntayhtymän vuokra-asunnot
  • VVO & Lumo: Vuokra‐asunnot Turku

Other useful channels to find an apartment would be Facebook groups and


Salo IoT campus has a library in the campus area that is free to use for students.

Student meals

Salo IoT campus has a restaurant that offers student discounted meals.

Teijo national park

Historical ironworks village, handicrafts and nature are well combined in Teijo national park. The park offers many activities, for example, kayaking, biking and backpacking. You can sleep under the stars or just enjoy the nature for one day. Teijo is located approximately 26 km from the centre of Salo. Teijo national park can be reached by public transport from Salo on weekdays. Ski resort and the smallest stone church in Finland are some specialities that Teijo region offers besides the beautiful nature.

Sports park

The current president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö is from Salo. According to him, Salo has the best sports park in all of Finland, if not the entire world. The 100 hectares of area holds in a golf and frisbee golf course, horse riding facilities, football field, ice rink, skate park, bowling facilities and much more.

Reasons to choose Salo

Live on the beautiful Western coast of Finland.

Small and cozy campus.

Excellent sport facilities.

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