Congratulations on choosing to study in the happiest country in the world! We are delighted you made the perfect choice for your higher education goals.

Now that you are done with the application process, let us guide you with the next step. We will also introduce our newest service for international students, which will surely make your application smooth and hassle-free!

Check your email regularly for updates regarding your application. Be responsive to inquiries, particularly from your preferred Finnish university and us.

Admission results from the university

After submitting your application with complete requirements, it will take three to four weeks for the university to decide. If you fail to submit the necessary documents, the processing time may be longer.

How to accept the study place

You can accept the study place by following the instructions in the email from the university you applied in.

To secure a spot in your preferred study place, you need to settle the first-year tuition fee of the educational program before the deadline found in the email.

Tuition Fee

Edunation will charge the same tuition fee as your chosen university. However, we will provide extensive services such as:

  • Guaranteed spot in the program within a month of applying if you meet the admission requirements
  • Guidance and assistance before and during your study program
  • A local contact person at the university
  • Orientation at the destination

Once you receive a letter of acceptance from your chosen university in Finland, you may apply for a residence permit for studies at  

Required documents for First Resident Permit

  • Valid passport with at least one-year validity
  • Notification of student selection result or acceptance letter from a Finnish university
  • Receipt of payment or tuition fee issued by the bank
  • Clarification of income, showing you can support yourself in Finland. You must have 560 EUR every month to pay for food, housing, and other personal needs
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Two passport-size photos (36x47mm)
  • 350 Euros processing fee. You may pay through credit and debit card, online, or at the Finland embassy in your country.

First Residence Permit application process

  1. Set up your account atfi. After filling out the required fields, select your service point and submit your application. Don’t forget to pass all the necessary documents.
  2. Schedule an appointment with VFS Global or your country’s Finland embassy as soon as you receive the letter of acceptance from the Finnish university.
  3. Go to the embassy or the VFS global center on your schedule with your original documents and photocopies. You will have a short interview. They might ask questions such as who sponsors your studies, where your university is in Finland, and more. Visit our Embassy Interview blog to prepare for the questions they usually ask.
  1. Regularly check your email for updates regarding your application. If they ask for an additional requirement for your residence permit, provide it immediately.
  1. You will receive an update once your Finland student visa is good to release.
  1. Your student residence permit card generally takes two weeks to reach the Embassy of Finland in your country or at the VFS center. After getting your Finland student visa, you may depart to pursue higher learning in the happiest country in the world.

Before your flight to Finland, here are things you must do:

We offer Finland Arrival Package to all international students to enjoy a seamless application. This service guarantees a personal pick-up service from the airport to your accommodation in the country.


  • Application with Edunation
  • Assistance with Residence Permit application


  • Application with Edunation
  • Assistance with Residence Permit application
  • Accommodation in Finland
  • Pick-up and post-arrival services upon arrival to Finland


  • Application with Edunation
  • Assistance with Residence Permit application
  • Accommodation in Finland
  • Pick-up and post-arrival services upon arrival to Finland

You may download the leaflet, or you may contact us through for more information. To purchase our Finland Arrival packages, click here.

For questions, book a free counseling session now, and our professional team will assist you.