WinNova is a vocational education provider for people of all ages, in or out of working life. Co-operating with the public sector and companies creates valuable experiences for WinNova’s students.


WinNova provides vocational education for people of all ages. They operate on the West Coast of Finland in several locations.

WinNova offers a variety of educational services; youth, adult, and business education. Technical fields, Business and Commerce, Social and Health Care, and Catering and Tourism are the most popular fields. In addition, WinNova offers specialized education such as Maritime and Seafaring, Aircraft Maintenance, Forestry, and Safety and Security. Work is done in close cooperation with companies and the public sector.

Values such as co-operation, development, safety, humanity, and customer service are at the core of WinNova’s activities. Co-operation refers to the collaboration with the working life, sharing skills, and helping others. WinNova constantly develops its activities to ensure the high quality of its services. In addition, a safe and peaceful working environment is fostered. Everyone at WinNova is treated with respect, and differences are celebrated. Moreover, students, staff, and other co-operation partners are treated like customers.

About WinNova

WinNova operates in the West Coast of Finland in Rauma, Pori, Laitila, Ulvila and Uusikaupunki. They have around 6000 students and 570 staff members.

Studying at WinNova

Training at WinNova typically takes 3 years. At the beginning of their studies, each student receives an individual study plan. In addition to studying at school, education in WinNova includes more than 20 weeks of on-the-job learning. Students learn practical skills in workplaces. The relationship between students and teachers is good and non-formal, which creates a relaxed learning environment.