Our services

We bring the employer and the talent together. As an employer, you will sign a recruitment and training contract with Edunation in Finland. We recruit professionals individually for each job considering each person’s education and previous work experience, and propose candidates that best meet your requirements. You will choose your employees after you have evaluated whether they are compatible with your professional needs and interviewed them.

Our recruitment process

We are recruiting professionals from various fields of work. For example, we recruit for social work and healthcare, catering, hospitality, construction, and more. We recruit the best professionals from all over the world, who will then be added to our database. The employer makes a recruitment and training contract with Edunation. We will find the suited candidates for your needs. You will evaluate their educational and work certificates and interview them before hiring them.

The candidates will start learning Finnish in their home country via online lessons with a Finnish teacher provided by Edunation. Their placement process will start, and once they receive their residence permit, they will relocate to Finland for work.

Immigration and relocation services

Our presence in Finland and abroad ensures that our operations are ethically sustainable. Edunation has team members in other parts of the world who take care of the recruitment and training before the employee arrives in Finland. Our team in Finland will take care of the immigration and placement issues in Finland and ensures the workers’ integration into Finnish society.


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